Springfield, MO


This is a huge longshot, being that this is mainly hicktown/wealthy old people city. Anyone from around the area? I presume i’m most likely the only one…Having no arcades doesn’t help much…


To my knowledge around here we’ve only got a few machines, and they seem to probably not last that long…At a bowling alley near me we did have an Street Fighter VS. X-Men machine, but I only got to play on it once, and then it was gone. The screen was kinda messed up, but it would be nice to have it show up again…

On the local mall we’ve got an SVC Chaos machine just recently I believe, so that was nice. I’m more of a 2D guy personally, but we do seem to have a couple of Soul Calibur and a Tekken 5 machine around…

Actually saw someone playing on t he SVC Chaos machine today for quite awhile, but he was about 10, so nothing to get excited about hehe.

Well, hopefully someday someone will come around, i’d love to play!


I wish you would have posted earlier. My brother was in Springfield, MO getting his degree but has graduated. How long have you been looking for someone to play with?


I’ve got one friend who plays, but he’s not serious about it at all. Other than that, I don’t know anyone around here who plays 2d fighters at all…i’ve been looking for quite awhile, haha. Where’d you brother get his degree at?


My brother went to Central Bible College for four years (2003 - 2007). It’s a shame that you guys never met up. He loved most 2d fighters and he was the one who got me into KOF.


Your best bet is to head up to either KC or Columbia for games. Just post up in the respective threads if you can make it up…


i worked in springfield, MO about a year and a half ago for my father’s construction company. I loved it down there. I looked for some games for quite a while at battlefield Mall but no luck. Plus i worked from 6am to 7pm M-S and sunday was my day off so i would go to the mall/ hooters and branson, There were a lot of good looking girls down there. hopefully i can take a trip back and visit branson and my uncles who live in springfield/ nixa.

What area did you stay at drauch.


Man, that is a big shame. At least i’m glad someone used to live around here! :smile:

Yeah…that’s the only bad thing, I can’t really travel at all during this time, let alone afford it. Believe me, I definitely wish I could…Hopefully sometime soon in the future, definitely.

Yeah, the mall never has much, but it’s getting better. I went there a couple of weeks ago and they got a Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter machine, along with a MVC2 machine, so that was a nice surprise. Not really my games, but I do enjoy them. Regardless, i’m super glad they got them in, and hopefully some players arise. I’d still like to learn them someday, however.

I still live in the Springfield area. Born there, and i’ll probably be here for the rest of my life. I just live right outside the city limits, so it takes me like 10 minutes to get to the mall. I hardly ever go to Branson, do you recall if there are any type of arcades or machines in the area? Me and a couple of buddies went to Joplin just yesterday, and their mall has quite a nice arcade…MVC, MVC2, KoFXI, SVC Chaos, SC2, Project Justice, JoJo, and I think one or two more, so that was super nice.

Anyway, glad to hear of another person around the area! If you’re ever in town again, definitely give me a heads up, as I check the forum at least once a day.


i actually live in houston but we moved our company out there for a couple of projects that we did for triple s properties. Didn’t see too much in branson since its mainly a tourist town for elderly people that are retired. LOL i still rock my springfield, MO hooters shirt. I found this one guy on snk-capcom forums from springfield, Mo and he wanted to get some games in but i never had time since i was traveling back and forth. you should look him up.
I stayed about 30 minutes from the mall some exit called 13 ave. right by some wal-mart in some apartments pretty nice since we were there temporarily.
My uncle’s company is still down there maybe ill visit in a couple of months and give you a heads up.

One last thing TAMALE KING in Springfield is the shiz.


Sweet, i’ll definitely try and find that guy, thanks for the heads up!


hey drauch just looked through my pm’ s on snk-capcom forums and the guy’s tag was
Saikyo Seth
shoot him a pm maybe you can get some games in. good luck



Just a hop skip and a jump away. You say you cant afford to travel…yo dude i seen people go to tournys with $30 before. If you can make it up and need a place to stay you can crash at my place.

This tourny is worth it, when was the last time you mixed strippers with your games :smiley:


Man…that does sound pretty awesome :wgrin:. I’ll have to see what’s going on, and if it coincides with work or anything. Regardless of outcome, thanks for the offer for your pad, I appreciate it.


Huh, I used to live in Joplin, too…just an hour away. Too bad I’ve moved up to Columbia now!


bumpage. Metagamers, you out there?


u tried online gaming bro? GGPO.com/2dfighter.com are both realy good as well as free. On xbox and ps3 theres Super turbo hd remix and soon sf4. Very viable options for those who have no local comp and cant travel.


I’m from Seymour MO about 30 minutes or so from Springfield. I’m a competitive smash player (Mostly in SSB64 and Melee but occasionally brawl. I got 3rd/4th at the last metagames tournament and was mostly sandbagging the whole time since I hadn’t played brawl for 4 months before that tournament :P). I’m willing to learn a lot of 2d games such as Marvel vs Capcom 2, SF: 3rd Strike, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Guilty Gear, etc.

I’ve also got a friend down here willing to get better at 2d fighters. He plays Melty Blood quite often.

I’ll check this thread as much as I can for your response. Maybe we can work something out? I know noobs aren’t the best thing to play against but, like I said, I’m willing to learn :slight_smile:


Yeah man, you should come on down. It looks like we’ve got a pretty small solid group that plays every monday at 6 till whenever, and occasionally on saturdays at metagames. We’re all not masters by any means, but it’s a lot of fun and we’re all still learning stuff. We’ve been playing HD Remix mainly as of late, and a tournament is going to be held on the 10th of Jan. We’ve got a couple of sticks, and quite a range of different fighters, so it’s groovy fun. Anytime you’d like to come down, feel free, it’s pretty open and we’ve got 3 different tvs with xbox, ps2, and dreamcast. The guy who runs it is named Geoff (Jeff? sp.?), and he works there, so he’s always around of course. My name is Dustin as well, i’ll definitely be there every monday at 6 as long as we keep this going, and it’s going pretty strong. So yeah, would enjoy to meet ya, always looking for more people around the area who loves this stuff like we do.


Sounds like fun. I’m pretty much booked until the end of December but I planned on making the January 10th Lan Party thing for brawl and HD Remix. I’d love to get to know you guys and hopefully be part of the community O:


Yeah, Monday Nights have been going pretty well, and hopefully we can get some more action on Saturdays nights also. Our numbers on Monday seem to keep growing. The setup is usually 360 on the big screen with HD remix (I have Battle Fantasia now we can play on there too…and UMK3!), my 26" TV w/ a ps2 and tons of stuff to play on it (Dusty’s collection is pretty burly), and a 19" monitor w/ a Dreamcast that has MvC2, 3s, CvS2, ST, MotW, LB2, and just about any other DC fighters (only problem is no sound on this, looking to remedy tho). Its a good time and anyone who lives in town or is around the area should def. come by and check it out Monday and Saturday nights around 6PM.

-Jeff (I wish it was spelled Geoff…)