Sprite alterations


Ok i am new and not the best at this yet, but i am going to try and do some sprite changes (mainly color) all you have to due is post the sprite and the colors or changes you want done to it. ok thats it.



can u make sentinel white?

doesn’t have to animate

if this one is too dark… u can use a different one


what do you think of my magneto?

i wanna make a team of white peeps. i just oculdn’t get a sentinel white the way i like it


here how is this



similar to what i was getting…

maybe if u change that dark black to a grey… that might work



ill, thx


so this is what i ddi with that wonderful sprite





i’m making an aav for this dude and he wants yellow magnus, which i have… and a yellow sentinel, and yellow psylocke

do u think u can do me a favor and make them for me?


that’s the sentinel

and i attacthed the psylocke


Hey, if you want, I’ll do it for you (if Archangel_Ryu isn’t up to it).

BTW, I don’t see an attached Psylocke.

One of my recolors to add to the thread…


would you? that would be tite


If you’d like guys, I can do some recoloring.

I use PhotoImpact:D :smiley: :smiley: :cool:


… boo



Hey, here’s the Sent and Psylocke Alpha promised. You said yellow, right?




awesome, thanks


Not to be dissing or anything, but i think you should work on psylocke, he skin is matching her outfit. But this is my opinio, once again i dont mean to offend:) :slight_smile:


No offense taken (I did the Psylocke, Alpha did the Sent). I may recolor it, if I’m not busy. :slight_smile:



Well, changing the color of her belt work a lil’

Any other color swap requests?


If you’re gonna do the recolor, then just darken the yellow. That’s all, and thanks. :slight_smile: