Sprite Artist Required

Hey what’s up y’all. I am a games programmer and I am working on my own “pet project,” a fighting game in the style of 3S. This game is mainly for my portfolio when it comes to looking for a job, but it’s also because I love fighting games, and hell if Cacpom can’t be bothered to make SF4, I guess I’ll just do it myself :karate: lol.

Anyway, I need someone to draw me a LOT of sprites for use in my game. Ideally I want a whole cast of characters, but to begin with I need someone to draw one character, which will be me. Why me? Simply because if I use the game as part of my portfolio, I think it will impress anyone who sees it because the game would clearly be my programming work and show my love for games. Obviously anyone who accepted this offer would have the hard task of trying to make me look “cool,” not an easy thing to do I would imagine. Remeber that although you would be drawing just one character, you would need to draw that character many times for his many animations within the game.

Anyway I am quite preapred to pay someone to do this for me, with the pay being negotiable upon the willing person’s requirements. For whoever helps me, i will also send them an executable verison of the game which they can use to demonstrate their sprites on their own portfolio, which could be pretty cool if you are a graphics type person looking for a job.

For anyone willing to take this up offer, I would start by asking you to draw just a few frames, such as the characters stance. If I am impressed enough we will have a chat and I will forward some money up front for that person to get drawing the rest. You wouldn’t need to draw all of the required sprites straight away, but eventually over time, you would.

Anyhow, anyone that is interested, PM or email me.

i’m really intrested in this but i suk at sprites and at life :sad:

Lol. Well anyone who is interested, post up what you got, like if you have made your own sprite or sprite edit before. You can always use the method of drawing a sprite by hand, then scanning it in and manipulating it afterwards. I cannot draw at all, so even this is beyond me. I am looking for the 3S style of drawing, as in animated but realistic looking, so I guess one doesn’t need to be that imaginative, although I would prefer someone with some artistic talent that could give the sprites their own look and persona.