Sprite Artist wanted for Fighting Game

That’s right, we’re making a fighting game!

Here’s some evidence: [media=youtube]YKQgxpTF3kM[/media]

As you can see from the video, we’re not sprite artists, that’s why we need your help.

So here’s the deal:

There are two people working on this project, we both have Computer Science degrees.

Initially we plan to release a small demo of 2 - 4 fleshed out characters.
The reason we’re first releasing it as a demo is to get some community feedback as well as ensuring that we have an easily reachable goal.

Some of the game mechanics:

  • Blocking + Air Blocking
  • Super Moves
  • A Cancel system similar to Guilty Gear’s RC or SF4’s FADC system (more similar to GG than SF4 in that regard)
  • Combo Breaking (similar to the Burst in GG, I think TVC has it as well)
  • Juggles
  • Other stuff!

What you will be doing:

Ideally you would be doing all the artwork, including on-screen elements and backgrounds, however if you only have the time to do the character animation artwork then that would be fine.

We’re only looking for an artist, we are not looking for any help with designing either the characters/story, sound/music or the engine, however, as the artist you will have some freedom when it comes to designing how the characters look.

Will you get paid?
Not for the demo.
We’re doing this on our own time, we’re hoping to find someone who shares our passion.

However, as mentioned above, our initial goal is to make a demo. Once the demo is released, if everyone still feels like working together then we will look into what options we want to pursue for creating a full game.

At the very least (barring unforeseen circumstances) you will have a game demo released on the net which you can put on your resume/on your forum signature so people know you’re way-cool.

How Do I Apply?

Send an email to this address: [fgproject001]at[gmail]dot[com]

We will need to see examples of your work, preferably in an online profile on something like deviantart or similar.

Having sprite art to show would be good but it’s not essential.

By the way, just in case it wasn’t clear: You will be working on original designs, we’re not trying to make a fan-game using other people’s sprites, we want all original material.

We’ll get back to you whether you’re successful or not.

Alright, that’s it.


some sprite artist PLZ look at the movement of these fighters!!! i smell a combo-esque doujin fighter



That’s impressive work Prodigy_LXM, but I’m guessing from your reply you’re not interested in working with us :confused:

anything that would change your mind?

I’m in school at the moment and I’m working on a game project myself. BUT! If you were planning a release date then I probably won’t have time to contribute. But if not, sign me up!

someone else who is skilled.

TNB: Thanks, I actually approached steamboy ages ago when he first made those SF4 in SF3 style sprites, even though we weren’t anywhere near ready for proper sprites, but he said he didn’t have the time, unfortunately. His work is awesome, I’m sure he’ll make some great looking games one day.

Prodigy: Sorry for the late reply, easter was a very busy time for us, just slowing down now.
It sounds like you’ve got a lot to do on your own and I wouldn’t want to have our project distract you from your stuff. If we wanted to go ahead with it, how long do you think it would take you to do 1 character at between 200 - 400 frames?

character size is about 350px by 150px. General designs / movements are known but only in a very rough sense - you’ve seen our art skills :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL! Well, I’m not sure because I’ve never fully animated a character before. I can try to do just one and see how that goes. But as far as style, is it Hi-Res like Guilty Gear? That will help me get a general glimpse of how to do this. Thanks!