Sprite edits for my game! FGC Characters!


Hey guys!
First of all, I apologize for any typos incoming, my english isn’t the best. Anyway!

Just wanted to share some of my sprites I’ve just started making for my game “FGC Fighters”(Name not final).
I’m currently studying computer programming, and currently learning/testing stuff by making my own little fighter.
The game will in no way be any kind of competetive fighter, it probably won’t even be any good, but it’s a good way for me to learn and use the tools I’m currently learning at school.
The game mechanics are not fully planned yet, but I’m thinking a simple system with two attack buttons and a super attack button. The game will be a traditional 2D fighter following the SF formula, so no Smash Bros platform fighter or any kind of brawler.

Anywho, what I’m posting here is the current fighters I’ve started spriting. The characters in the game will be “Big names” in the FGC, spanning different games. The different fighters will have attacks taken from their personality or moves copied from the game they are playing. I’ve used the Neo Geo Pocket sprite as a base and edited them to the best of mye ability. I am no artist, so there will be stuff that looks weird. I already don’t like the look on some of my characters (Justin Wong doesn’t look right…), but hopefully they’ll get better after a while.

Here are the fighters I’ve made so far in their neutral stance:

Bigger size:

As you can hopefully see, the current characters are my renditions of:
Mike Ross: Thinking his super will somehow include Hondas hands attack.
Daigo: Not completely sure about his super yet, I’m thinking he may sacrifice his super attack for a “parry button”.
Maximillian: Maxs super attack will involve his MAXIMUM HYPE yelling.
Justin Wong: Justin can activate the Wong Factor, making his move do more damage. Kind of like X-Factor in UMvC3.
Mango: Mango, the current EVO champ in SSBM (Atleast until tomorrow!). Not sure about his super yet, thinking of including Fox’s shine in some way, I also want his block to feature the bubble from SSBM.

More characters may be added later, but I’m working with these for now, and will update the post with more of the fighters animations as they finish.

Critique is of course welcome, but like I said, this is no “serious” project, I’m no artist, and I’m mostly doing this to get better at school!