Sprite edits thread *post and crit*

I consider mysel skilled as far a making custom sprites and sprite edits, so I decided to make a thread about it. Post all the sprites you want but there are some rules

  1. If you want post your sprite YOU HAVE TO CRIT, but you dont have to post if you just want to crit.

  2. No nudity sprites…there just sad

  3. try to avoid color swaps, unless its really awesome

I’ll start off with my signature panther man, try to guess which sprited I used for this one

C’mon people post

I am trying something new here lol, check out my maxi, I warn you though the colors are fucked

if you do color edits can you changed the color of bison’s cloths to black please.:smiley:

Go for it, bison in black could be awesomeness.

so are going to do it:confused:

Oh, you want me to do it…Man Im silly, sure I’ll do it.

sry LCR, but I just couldnt help myself.

No prob my man…

Thats okay, I was looking for a challenge anyways… I did it though just as an quick exercise

You guys probally want it in a gif format

here it is in gif format

wow thanks alot guys:D

The panther’s head looks like it’s neck is broken, but the gif is still cool looking. The Maki is interesting, I think he would look better on a character from that old school Neo Geo game Galaxy Fight personally.

my old ava: SANTA DOOM:

got another request

blue stripes: make thoes green


white: make that black

^if thats is possible can you do that.

you got it, but next time gimme a challenge (like making a sprite of a 3d character)

got another request

uh seth… I assume you’re using photoshop to make your AVs. It should be child’s play to edit the GIF - use magic wand tool, treshold=0, contiguous=unchecked. fill selected areas with the colour you want.

to be honest with you your sprite editing sucks you dont know anything about mixing colors or lighting effect but then again this is just my opinion…:lame:

lemme see some of your shit then

If your better than me, I wanna see your skills…

advice when saving files to GIF format (especially for sprites) - turn off the dithering. That way you won’t get those little dots all over the place.

Sprites should be:
(1) clean & crisp - no dots/artifacts
(2) have a limited colour palette - 32 colours max usually.

you’ll get more feedback by posting this in IMM or at tagmonkey.

okay thanx for the advice

I’ll do that next time

are you still going to do it?

I’ll get to it…just been busy