Sprite Head Edit Request

These two are in my Graphic Arts Vocational School Class.


TJ is the blonde kid and he is a wrestler at his high school and football player. So I was thinking of putting him as Alex from Street Fighter 3. You think you can make a Capcom styled sprite likeness of his head and paste it onto Alex’s SF3 sprite?

And the right one is Matt. He is a fan of the Legend of Zelda series among other things and he enjoys Zelda games and does projects relating to it in Graphic Arts class.

Do you think you can make a Capcom-styled Link sprite “EXCEPT” put a Capcom-styled Sprite of Matt’s head and possibly paste it onto the Link sprite? (If you can make one that is)

IF possible, could it be done by Friday? I don’t wanna seem like I’m rushing you, but if you could that would be splendid. If not, I won’t be angry or anything like that. They would like it very much!

That’s all. Thank you just in case.