Sprite request


Can anyone help me find a sprite rip of Sentinel’s rocket punch? Any help would be appreciated:D Just post here or PM me with info- whichever you prefer.


Think you (or anyone) can get a sprite of Oro doing his taunt?

Prefferably with the Z’s and bubble coming out of his face.


I can.


if thats the case can i get any third strike sprites:rolleyes:






Would you mind then? Just want him taunting in his normal color (jab). If you can get the Z’s and the bubbles like I said then that would be awesome.

Thanks a lot man!:smiley:


No you can’t.


That’s very dissapointing.

:lol: I just noticed, that’s a nice ass.


I’ll PM when I get it ripped. SA.M, stfu. I got a TV Tuner card in my cpu:p That’s why.

BTW, your lucky that your getting a 3S sprite. I normally dont give them out. Since you want it so bad, I’ll give you it.


That Av makes me cry /\


maybe u kind enuff to capture yun & yang doin their taunt & winning pose… just send to me then i’ll rips myself


i would be very grateful :smiley:


You’re too kind, all I can say is thank you very much.

Which one, the nice cakes?



looks at what you guys did… yall made him cry…

oh well… next time you do cry ya have to go to the corner and do it… :stuck_out_tongue:


if thats the case, get me any makoto sprites peas? :rolleyes:


3s Ken sprites in his white clothing.
damn that would ***.


haha NO!! it was the Dr.Doom one with the trendy b/g man if you’re going to whore do it right jeeez. you kids need to move on
BTW WHERE IS YOUR OLD AV hahaha and uhh that person who asked for Sentinel Rips I have like 100835987 of them just AIM me (Magnus and storm as well)


Ok, I did not bother reading your requests so, I made a thread in IMM. It’s called: Ninja’s 3S Sprite Request Thread