Sprite requests: Servbot, Tron, god-tier MVC2 chars

I’m trying to get a few sprites, specifically of:

Tron’s win pose (either black [A1] or Green colors) where the servbots pile up next to her

Servbot’s end pose (any color) where he is being chased by the paper airplane

Storm during the hailstorm (Yellow [lk] color)

Sentinel pointing during either the sentinel force or hyper sentinel force (Black [hk] color)

Magneto (red/black [A1] color) during the beam

Cable (any color- I’ll edit the clothing myself) after the qcb+p grab, where the electricity is pulsing down his arm

Rip them from Mugen?

How? And those don’t have the sprites I need. Tron doesn’t have any win poses in Mugen but the her taunt. Servbot is nonexistent.

Eh you’d just have to find the right character version. . .I’ll look for some. . .but this has a list of ever character ever made ever. . .and is updated daily. . .


then you’ll need a a program to rip them callled. . … . erm…Fighter Factory:

You then start that up. . .go to sprites>then choose the character you downloaded’s .sff file. . .go through that and save as a .pcx(I think there’s a little button on the screen)each frame you want till you get the full animation. . .