Sprite Rips

Just wanted to see if anyone does any sprite ripping and could hook me up with some GG rips. If not could you direct me to a site that has some. Oh and I already know gamegen. thanks



link didn’t work Draig…

hmmm, might be down… try it later

why’d you put a gay bar on an av like that?

I dont think the bar is ghey. And for your information, blackadde made that av. Not Draig.


thanks Zazz do have or could you make an animated sprite of Sol’s uppercut? If not thats cool thanks again

heh, actually, i think i got the first 3 or 4 frames of the uppercut right there

i think that’s enough for an av or whatever you’d need it for

wate wut? Eclipse made Draig’s current av.

My fault. Your styles are similar at times. Point still stands though.:wink:

It’s for EWAShock to make an aim icon he needs animation to follow.

Is he talking about Steel Dragon’s av or Driag’s av?

i think he’s talkin bout the k groove bar on steel’s av not the sword or whatever on draigs.

i thought he was talking about steels av o_<

im gunna keep this av on srk like forever XD

thanks for the link