Sprite Sties (not always fighting related)

I VERY rarely come into the IM section of the forums, so honestly, I don’t know if anyone’s posted anything like this before. But, in any case, heres a small list of sprite sites that have customs, edits, and rips from all different kinds of games.

http://tsgk.captainn.net/ (the Shyguy Kingdom, HUGE site)



As soon as I remember more, I’ll add some links. (damn reformat sucks)

I remember a few year ago, there was this site with a lot of fighting game sprites, one for each character. They even had some rare ones like Gouken and Gou Hibiki from Street Fighter. Anyone know of that site?

Is it true that Frankie wants to put a password system for the sprites on his site…?

ya the passes are


The only reason why he’s doing that is so that the bandwidth wont go over board. He’s trying to save up some money to upgrade his account.

heh thats funny he puts a password on sprites so people wont take them… Oh the irony

no, he did it so his banwidth wouldn’t go to hell in a day.

He uses Powweb web hosting, so he can easily restrict hotlinking and other BW related things via his Member Operations Control Panel (where you set up databases, email accounts, etc). How do I know this? Because I’ve used Powweb’s service before and have a friend who also uses Powweb (with me using his account to set up something as well).

Not knowing this and putting up a login for stolen/non-credited sprites & art is completely stupid on Frankie’s part.

Also, what am I hearing about him planning on selling CDs full of sprites? Is this true?