Sprites Aplenty

In my pursuit of sprites for an avatar, I came across quite a few from all different fighting games. Mostly of Capcom or SNK games but also quite a few more other producers.

Purpose of this thread, is to simply share the wealth. I found literally thousands of sprites and hopefully I have the one you’re looking for or can find it for you. No strings attached, just figured I would have liked if someone would have had something like this when I was looking for them.

Keep in mind I don’t edit colors or make avs, I just have quite a large collection of sprites and stills from games, vs screen caps, portraits, victory screen poses, animated, non animated, etc.

I may not have everything but I’ve got quite a bit and am willing to share and help you look for stuff I don’t have.

Post your requests or shoot me a PM or AIM (leaffanaz), I should be able to get back to you soon.

Specific poses, characters, etc are helpful when requesting.



Just a suggestion if you’re up to it. You could also put them all into one big .rar (or .zip) file and torrent it using bit torrent.

Here’s the Kyo Sprite for the guy who requested it via IM’s.


And that’s a good suggestion. I’ll see about doing that, might be easier for everyone.

Goleafsgoaz, get on aim. ill IM you from there. ill probably want some.

Done. Hope those help.

i was wondering if you had any plans on throwing all of what you got into a .zip or a .rar format???

and also, do you happen to have an animation of Yun doing his dive kick (with a 3S background if possible)???


You can find 3S Yun here : http://www.newwavemugen.com/~zweifuss/sprites.htm

3S backgrouns here: http://www.newwavemugen.com/~zweifuss/backgrounds.htm

And CvS2 Yun here : http://www.newwavemugen.com/CVS2/

I was wondering if someone could hook me up with a sprite of alex doing his 360 hyper bomb on ken. Thanx!

You guys got Chun’s CvS2 animation too?