Sprites Available


For all of those AV makers out there.

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I can take direct feed pictures and video’s from my TV. So that if any AV maker needed a particular sprite I can give them a screen shot of the actually pose, all you have to do is take out the backround. I can also take screens of gallery pics from MvC2. I have em all.

If anyone needs any odd or particular sprites just post here or IM me at ChaosNightWolf. All you have to do is describe the pose and/or tell me how to get the character in that particular stance.

I can take sprites for CvS2, MvC2 and 3rd Strike. Maybe even some sf2 sprites

However if someone asks for to many characters at a particular time I will not give the screen shots. Also, once you pick up your screen shot you must notify me so I can host more pictures. Due to server space

Finished screens:

Gigahertz: Finished

Asian Demon: Finished

KidWu: Finished

Dark Giygas: Finished

Alpha Dragoon: Finished

Master Chibi: Finished

*If you need any of the photos again, I can pm them to you. Just ask


I know the list is long, but I only ask that you do what is convenient and I am happy to clean up screen captures myself.
That being said, I would LOVE any of the following:

Ruby Heart

3rd Strike:



Do you want this characters in any particular pose or stance?


can i get


Jill doing here flare dance along with the flare…


regular stances are fine,
anything you think looks cool is also fine

if you do this for me, you will be my new god.


Hmm can i get tyrant and/or the zombie sprite off MVC2 thx


How about Mags doing both of his forcefields? The one with the lk. and the one with the hk. Thanks.


Pencil tool that shit down.


Can I get anything from 3rd strike? Preferrably Urien in his red color (L+B+X to choose him). It’s probably best to do it in training mode, pause in the middle of a tackle move or something and press X to take away the menu. Also, do it in a level with dark colors, so he stands out more, like fighting against Ryu or something. Other possible moves I’d want are the Violence Knee Drop, or Temporal Thunder.

Any sprites from 3s will do though, thanks.


THANK YOU. :eek:

Edit: I just thought of something that would get less blurry sprites. Hold L+Start when you boot up the game, until the intro video starts playing, then you can start normally. It will run in de-interlaced mode, and you will be able to see the actual sprites more easily, making them better for ripping.


Enough, if you have nothin to contribute to the purpose of the thread, don’t post.

Thanks for the urien screens, Im gonna clean one up.


I did one already, came out pretty decent, but I still think these would look way better in de-interlaced mode.


I can re take them if you would like


Well, I’m not asking for all of them to be redone, but maybe just try a few different characters and see how they come out.


If you have the time, would you do one of 3S Ryu (in original outfit) doing his side kick special? Thanks.


Thanks man. :slight_smile:


Ooh, I’d like a few screens.

  1. Can I get one of Makoto scratching the back of her head (as a victory pose) in her yellow and black outfit (I forget which button you press for it)?

  2. Can I get one (or a few) of Tron Bonne’s stance for when she loses when time runs out?

  3. Can I also get one of when Tron does her Projectile Assist (pulls out her glasses)?

Thanks in advance!



THanks I got mine, you can delete them off of your server.



Hey chaos bud…im going to use one of those Urien sprite sheets,is that ok with you?..it’s for DG anyways.


thx for offering to do this. it’s cool.

just wondering - I know the file sizes would be ridiculously huge, but the screenshots might come out sharper (I assume you’re using Alt-PrintScreen) if you saved them as .bmp format.

To cut down on file size, perhaps crop everything that isn’t requested? (eg; if a Urien pic is requested, select the general area where Urien is & leave out the rest - then save in .bmp format.

just a thought… it’s just something to try if you feel inclined to it.

isn’t Mag’s force field in XvS?
could prolly be ripped from there…