Sprites: color editing

for the people who know how to color edit sprites i need to know how do you do that. someone told me that i could doit in photoshop but i dont know how to.

it is easy…but when u first start doin it…it takes forever…lol

u have to change the color pixel by pixel with the pencil tool:bluu:

well thats how i do it atleast…and thats how i rip sprites from sn shots also…i do it pixel by pixel

captain obviousdamn, that sounds too time consuming.captain obvious

image>adjustments>replace color


wtf and i just learned this now…

damn it imma murder someone :mad:

haha yeah thats how you should be doing it. Thats why you never see my sprites the same color :P. Its just to easy to change the colors :slight_smile:

wow, this makes changing color sooo much easier on animated things…

me right now - :frowning: < — joy tears

how were you doing it before?

All this time I’ve been selecting shit with the magic wand and then ctrl+u. =(

-_- you dont wanna know

pencil tool AD?:stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

thanks alot blodia, your a real life saver:D

well at least i found out the guy imma kill now :mad: - twitch

  • throws a rock in DM head-


pffft waves dashes like doom

oh well i guess i cant win, ill just walk a waaayyyy…

*quickly -throws a cow at him- [note: yeah:wtf:]

bietch take that clow lover

Yup Blodia pretty much said it. Some of you been using pencil tool?:lol: