Sprites (mvc)


does any 1 have the assist sprites from mvc1? like thor, jubilee, devilott, pure and fur, aurthur, etc



If I can find them.


if you can find them, you’re a fucking god :slight_smile:


Well the site that housed them is gone. So now I have to use my other ways to get them.

I will try my best. But I can’t gurantee anything.


Round 1

Copy and paste the URLs.



Round 2

I was actually wanting this one myself.


Can someone please find me the miehcelle heart and ton pu sprites?


you’re my god… anything on aurther?


Everything you guys are asking for I have seen at one point or another. So I know I can find it. But don’t expect anything today I have a Physics test and an Economics test.
I will go on the search for the sprites again tomorrow.


Round 3

EDIT Check my other post.

Round 4

I got pissed since the site with all the sprites is not working. So I started ripping them from screens.


Round 5


I seriously need to go study.


God?,that’s overdoing it there.


Round 6



no, i’m pagen. he’s god of mvc 1 sprites

and this


doesn’t work :frowning:


Fixed. Check attachment.


Here are some of the pictures that have a few good shots of the characters. If you want them ripped tell me and I will do it tomorrow. I seriously need to go study.

Copy and paste.

http://www.vgmuseum.com/end/arcade/a/mvcryu-20.gif (this is the one I ripped Lou from)