Are there anymore good sites to get sprite sheets from? I’ve done searches through this forum and nothing but dead links (except one site with 3s sprites).

In particular i’m looking for Iori, Ash, CvS2/A3 Guile, and Karen.


Not sheets, but gif animations.


blah, that site had nothing i was looking for. Any place with sheets?

holy shit! alien vs predator gifs!
if he happy about what you given then i am. good stuff!

hmm mabeySprites Nigga

what are you looking specifically?


cvs nako sprites

Iori, Ash, CvS2/A3 Guile, and Karen.

so the site i gave u has like half of the charaters u want, click on arcade games on the side or wutever councel the game is for. www.gifsyndicate.com

I didnt see any cvs pro sprites. Does anyone know where to get these?? I looked but most of the sites are down for the cvs pro sprites :frowning: I saw the ones under Playstation but all it had was the stance gif… Im looking for as much sprite rips of nako as I can get. I wanna make a dope av with her in it.



and sorry dont know who ash :wonder:

Ok…They had the Iori laughing sprite i was looking for.
I guess I can get the Karin/Guile sprites on my own.

All that leaves is Ash Crimson. edit He’s from King of Fighters 2003.

Found some cvs pro sprites onhttp://conversion.wo.to/

These are Mugen files…I think how do I view .sff files???

Download programs like Mugen Character Maker, which can compile/decompile .sff files from/to .pcx.

!!! This is exactly what I needed! :clap:

Alright now I’m confused. Yes I am going to be a prune about it. I don’t know why the site I suggested didn’t have what Shinma_sama and Bowie Grip suggested. If anything I felt it was more convinient in regards to getting sprites than the MCM because they were already ripped.

Unless I’m misinformed and no9176 doesn’t have an animation program in which to take out the animation frames himself. So that’s probably why he asked for sprite sheets since he wanted something static he can open with any program. In that case I’m sorry. But still I’m kinda puzzled. If anything I think MCM is almost too much of a burder sometimes unless you really need it. So that’s why I asked what he wanted specifically as in frames or moves so I could have at least helped out.

But whatever. Life goes on.


I just dont see the CVS section, I see the SVC section under arcade game. Under more arcade games there is MOTW but I need CVS. Im not trying to be difficult, but I just dont see it…maybe Im just blind bro… I see Arcade games, GBA Games, and other games…which is SNES sprites.

OrangeCat: I needed individual sprites since I like to peice by peice each frame of an avatar or whatever and then put it all together in an animator program. MCM solved the problem since i could just take mugen characters and rip the sprites from them instead.

Thanks all

Nah no problem. I remembered that Guile from Alpha was not on there.

Yes CvS sprites are not there and you have to go to MCM for that, but Ash, Iori (KOF Iori at least, I don’t know if he wanted CvS Iori) and Karin are there, already ripped and can easlily be put into an animation program. But it doesn’t matter now. Everyone has what they want and life can go on.


does anyone know where I can get sprites of Popeye from
Popeye: Rush for Spinach (GBA)?