Spy Headquarters : C. Viper General Discussion

This forum doesn’t have a General Discussion thread like all the others. I figured a lot of the more junk posts can be thrown in here, ya know.

So character GDs are usually about random stuff having to do with the character.

So I’ll start off by saying…I’m finally going to use Viper here in a tournament in a few hours for the first time. I’ve been training her nonstop and I feel it’s time.

What’s up with the rest of the Viper world?

Right now, I’m trying my best to improve my execution with a pad, which is my main weakness. I don’t think my execution with Viper will ever be good on a pad, but hopefully it’ll improve. For some reason, I’m having some trouble SJCing burning kicks and doing FFFs into EX seismo on the 2p side. Later on after exams, I plan to spar with some of you guys, should be fun.

And good luck in the tournament.

Thanks man.

Invest in a stick, I know it’s very pricey but usually when you get top quality stuff they won’t put you in that money spending cycle. I’ve got a top quality American mas stick for like 8 + years now.

I can’t do anything on pad, I tried Viper before the gamestop tournament and was getting all types of ugly shit.

When I can’t do what potentially can be done…I always give up. Like Blanka’s far jab into electricity, I see one top player that is able to do it, but I can’t…so I gave up trying to put Blanka in my arsenal.

I wouldn’t play Viper if I were you in that situation…that’s limiting yourself way too much.

Unfortunately, I’m broke at the moment, lol. Spent all my money getting a PS3 and a copy of SF4 last week, so I won’t be getting a stick anytime soon.

What annoys me the most is that for some reason, I was okay in terms of execution before and was even doing stupid shit like FFF>ex seismo>hp.tk feint>mp.tk>ex.burning kick, but now, my execution’s just gone, lol. My bro’s got a Hori stick on his 360 so maybe I can persuade him to let me practice with it for a bit until I can afford a good, long lasting stick for my PS3.

Yeah good luck in your tournament MagMan, HYPER VIPERS REPRESENT.

Myself, aside from local comp, I’ve just been working on getting my execution down as well as upping my matchup knowledge. There’s so many matchups out there that I don’t know well enough to capitalize on fully. So mostly I’m just watching vids, taking notes, soaking it all in, and working on applying it to my game.

Big problem I used to have with adding new stuff to my arsenal was actually using it in battle. I was so afraid of losing the match because I messed up on trying something new, but I’ve learned not to worry and just go for it lol. It’s all about trial and error, live and learn with Viper. You have to be willing to lose a lot before you get better. So to all the aspiring spies out there, just know that your hard work will pay off in time. I know that’s been said ad nauseum on this forum, but it can never be said enough.

Ryuga, I would agree with investing in a stick. A pad just does not do Viper justice. If money is the issue, you can sleep well knowing a good quality stick will last you a long time, so it’s really worth the investment if you’re serious about upping your game with Viper.

I’ll try and save up for a good decent stick then, definitely.

Good luck @ C3 with Viper Mag.

Anyway, yet another Viper hiatus for me. This time it’s not because of my stick. Seems my copy of SFIV’s been misplaced or stolen. I was nice enough to provide my system and my copy to the Brawl in the Street tourny I attended last weekend (tied for 7th :arazz:). Got my system back only to realize my game wasn’t in it (and I always keep SFIV in my system). I checked the case and it wasn’t in there either. :confused:

Either way I’m guaranteed another copy if they can’t find it so it’s not that big a deal.

wow someone at the tourny jacked your SF4? thats crazy. atleast you’ll get another copy if they dont find it though

Finally, a thread for randomness.

Anyone wish that Viper’s ultra animation was cooler? (Without changing the first hit, number of hits or the hitboxes; don’t want to change her gameplay, just the animation)

I personally find her 4x flame kicks to be boring. What if after the first two hits (the ground hit and first burnind kick, she then did a lightning punch and then a sort of seismo punch, then all three while the oppenent is above her in an explosion, with her palms and soles pointed towards the enemy. (So she’d still have a 5-hit ultra, same hitboxes and damage. That would be cooler to me, anyone else wish it was different?

EDIT: Good luck Magneto, you can rep the tristate area for those of us not good enough yet with Viper!

I dunno, I like her ultra the way it is :bgrin:. I noticed a lot of ultras for other chars are more or less a montage of all their moves put into one move. Like Viper’s TK and Seismo fused together for the first hit of her ultra, finished off with burning flash kicks lol. I think Bison’s is scissor kicks to psycho crusher and finishes with a stomp.

Has anyone looked at her concept art in the gallery? I noticed she had a concept for a tight fitted futuristic suit. It looks pretty sweet as a drawing, but for some reason I have difficulty picturing Viper doing her moves in anything other than her existing suit. I think all the drapes of her suit and her hair just add flow of her overall character and she wouldn’t look as good in something tight-fitting.

Speaking of outfits, I’m starting to feel the love for Alt 3. Though my first love will always be Alt 9 :razzy:.

I’m actually disappointed in Capcom NOT using her “zero suit” concept as her alt. Her current alt looks too much like her original.

Zero suit concept alt costume > Her current alt costume, by a long run.

Yeah I agree the Alt looks too much like her Original. Who knows, maybe we’ll see it in a future DLC.

I like her alt. costume concept where she’s wearing the short cargo-shorts and top. I can’t see it right now but I think her glasses were removed in that concept, too.

Anyone else think the woman from Bayonetta is Viper like? I swear her voice actor sounds like the American Viper voice actor, or at least similar:


Or maybe that’s Ivy’s voice…

Bayonetta, Viper like? Bayonetta is playful, smug and seductive while Viper is serious and smug. I suppose one could argue Viper as seductive? However, it’s not anywhere near Bayonetta’s seductive level. All that leaves left is the fact that they are both pretty smug.

Both are hawt, that’s all that matters.

Although I’m pretty sure Viper’s VA =/= Bayonetta’s VA.

Michelle Ruff, the American Voice Actress for Viper, in case you wondered.

My fledgling Viper made the jump from player matches to G2 a little while back, and is back to losing a lot, but I do feel like I’m learning. I’m suddenly mostly disinterested in playing anyone else. I bring out my Vega once in a while when I’m tired of losing, but he just doesn’t have that magic sparkle power any more.

When Viper comes together and puts a good rush in, it’s like nobody else in the cast. I feel like my opponents are playing Street Fighter, but what they don’t realize is I’m playing KoF.


Where can I find these concepts of Viper?

Also - Alt 4 is always my choice :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’ve completed Viper’s normal trials, you can view her concept art in the Gallery. The zero suit alt costume concept is there. Looks a lot better than her current alt costume if you ask me.