Spyware help

Looks like I got a bad case of spyware that just happened tonight. I’ve noticed these programs so far…

180search assistant

I’ve ran spybot and adaware, neither did anything in removing these. I went to delete the folders for them, they just came back. I searched .exe files for 180searchassistant and deleted them, but they just came back. Kind of lost on what to do now, need some major help, I’d prefer not to reformat my computer =/

I tried ctrl+alt+delete so I could at least stop the processes from running, but apparently whatever I have is disabling it. It keeps telling me the admin has disabled the task manager. It’s also changed my background saying spyware has been detected and keeps giving me popups imitating windows telling me the same thing and to download a program from antispywareupdates.net to solve it.

If anyone could help, please do! :shake:

spyware doctor took care of all that for me and then use SDfix to erase it from the windows registry.

Try downloading SUPERAntiSpyware, I know it sounds stupid but it’s a good program and it’s free. Remember to update it before running. If it doesn’t remove it completely here is a list with online malware scanners: http://wiki.castlecops.com/Online_antivirus_scans

One of them should do the job.

youre probably gonna have to get HiJack this and use the ‘delete on startup’ feature. basically it deletes the files before they get loaded.

I second the HiJackthis suggestion.

good luck with that. i would back up everything important make sure i have all my drivers i need then just blow it away nothing like a fresh pc to play with

Try SUPERAntiSpyware like Katanai suggested. It sounds like garbage software, but ironically it’s the best antispyware software out right now. Adaware is terrible these days, and Spybot is really only good for preventing spyware. Even then, it’s not as good as SpywareBlaster. HiJackThis is also good, but you’ll need help interpretting what it tells you.

  1. Clean your PC up with SUPERAntiSpyware and HiJackThis.
  2. Keep it clean with SpywareBlaster.
  3. ???
  4. Profit.

The user Dothy was honest. LoL.

:u: I loled at that too.

So I finally figured out what to do. I slept at 8am trying to figure that shit out lol. I googled the website that it kept taking me to trying to get me to download and install that ‘antispyware’ from antispywareupdates.net, and apparently there was a program dedicated to taking that out.

Ran that program, and it took out the thing that took over my desktop background and pretend window’s announcements that I had spyware.

After doing that, running Spybot finally took out the rest and I was able to delete them without them coming back.

Thanks for all the program suggestions, I think I’ll start using some of them as well.

For future reference, if adaware and spybot don’t work, SmitFraudFix has saved me a few times. Boot in safe mode and GGPO spyware.

these are really easy to remove. spyware doctor is the best to do this. or spybot S&D. or if u have it mcafee. there is no need to use hijackthis for this easy problem =)

also use spybot in safemode!

Thats actually what I ended up using. Hurrah! :woot: