Spyware Protect 2009 virus is ruining me!

My setup: I have 2 computers on my desk hooked up to the internet with my 360 betwen them)

so i got hit with spyware protect 2009 bullshit. It fried a computer of mines that has been around for awhile.

I tried to run my anti spyware and the computer crashed everytime i tried to run it. Then later, i couldn’t even log into a personal account because the computer wouldn’t load up (error message)…even in safe mode

So, fuck it. That comp sucks so i setup another computer my dad picked up from his work…what happened? after setting up the internet connection with my verizon installation disks…Spyware Protect 2009 shit popped up again.

I called microsoft and they wanted me to run their own virus removal software…same fuckin shit. Once the antivirus tried to nuke it…CRASH. Now i’m once again, unable to load personal settings and i’m stuck on the welcome screen. Safe mode isn’t working. Microsoft wants me to run system restore but…i don’t have the freakin disks!

For some reason only 1 computer is hit with the problem, while the other is free (the one i’m on right now). I do really need 2 computers…wtf is going on here?

fuckkkkk this shit isn’t going well. I really need to find the system restore disks, but its not like it will do much because i wont be able to use the internet anyway

I dealt with this virus at work. Took me two days to get rid of the thing. While I don’t remember the exact details, I can give you an idea where you need to look so you know where the root of the problem is. In the C:\Documents and Settings\Chris\Local Settings\Application Data, I “think” there is a file for the Spyguard 2009. You’ll know the folder because there will be .inf files with funny names. These .infs are the cause of the self replication of the virus whenever you try to delete anything. Now I couldn’t delete them because they were tied to explorer.exe, so you have two options now. You can either close explorer.exe and use task manager to path to and try to delete the infs, or what you can do is rename the .inf files. Now the virus is going to try and recreate the inf’s on restart, so you need to create dummy files with the exact same file name. On restart, you should then be able to permanantly delete the .infs. With those out of the way, you should regain partial functionality to your computer. At this point I was able to run the anti virus software, Super Antispyware. Initially, when trying to run even the installer, it crashed. Now I could run the installer. There are two methods to start the app. One of them still crashed on me, but I was able to start it using the alternate startup icon. From here, I did a complete scan and was able to wipe out the rest of the virus.

Sorry this is all a bit jumbled, as I said it’s been a while since I had to deal with it, and my memory is a bit foggy of the exact steps taken. Hope this helps you somewhat though.

if you can access any online scanners like bitdefender or kasperky they might can get rid of it… ive had some success using those to remove things that were annoying.

it would definitely help if only i could regain control of the computer. The fucker wont start up…whenever i try to use safe mode, it starts to load the personal settings then immediately stops and returns to the welcome screen

on non-safe mode, i get mpnotify.exe application error

this computer is totally fucked. Its the 2nd one to do this too. I think someone is tracking my modem and sending me this. I don’t know what else it could be

The computer i’m on it connected to Intel® PRO/100 VE Network. The other computer i tried setting up through my Actiontec. Both connected to actiontec get killed by Spyware Protect 09, while the other remains unharmed. Yet, they’re both through the same modem

hello i never had to deal with this virus but, if Crime’s advice doesnt fix your problem, i suggest you and anybody with some kind of computer problem to visit http://icrontic.com/forum/, i have found those forums to be extremely helpful. Now im not saying that there isn’t people in this forum who are capable of helping you but i know sometimes threads can get “lost” here.

combofix.exe gets rid of this.

also get ccleaner and clear all your app data + cache.

Have you tried logging on as Administrator in Safe Mode? I know that other accounts will sometimes be able to work in safe mode, thoe with limited permissions because of the dumb malware.

I’ve dealt with it once.

I cleared it with MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (MBAM!). It came back. I reformatted.

what are the possibilities of it coming through my router? I mean, how could the same virus infect 2 different computers?

The first computer got fucked…it was old so i switched it out for another one…and now that new one got fucked too

EDIT: About logging in through admin, i don’t have the damn password. My dad got this computer from his old workplace, he doesn’t know it either. I’m not entirely sure if he even has the restoration disks
Al signs point towards being screwed

EDIT2: This thing has got me really fired up. I’m so pissed off i can barely think straight…and to get my mind of this i’m playing some SF4 but because i’m so mad, i’m losing…If i lose nearly rip my hair out. There is nothing on TV and i can’t sleep because i’m pissed.

I know that some malware have the ability to hide in the router’s firmware, so it’s a possibility that everytime you connect a computer to that router it will download the malware and become infected again. Try resetting your router to factory settings. I think every router has this super small reset button on them. Just find it, push and hold for at least 20 seconds. You probably don’t need to hold it that long but just in case you know.

Safe Mode Administrator accounts usually don’t have a password. Is it possible to just leave it blank and just try to log in? I know that there are tools out there to reset the password, but it has to be run on the desktop or requires you to have the Windows XP installation disks in hand.

i knew it…i knew this shit was hopeless. The admin needs a goddamn password

I think i may know the password for the first computer that fucked up because of this bug. BUT, i’m almost positive i don’t have the restoration disks…its a 2001, its been waayyyy too long.

I’ll do that reset btw…but, is it as easy as just resetting?

Windows 2000? That OS is really vulnerable to viruses and worms and such. You should at least get XP, haha.

As for resetting the router, I know mine would reset back to factory settings if I held in the reset button. It should be as easy as that. Heads up thoe, you will need to have the install CDs, guide, and passwords in hand after you do this since you will need to redo all the connections.

XP Professional, service pack 2

Oh woops. I thought you meant 2000 since you said 2001. My bad. :confused:

If you want to use those infected computers again, you’re gana have to reformat them with a Windows XP installation disk. Only option for you unfortunately.

Well hope everything works out for ya. I’ve experienced similar problems in the past when I used to use XP. Now I don’t have to worry bout any of that since I use the Windows 7 Beta. If you need any further help feel free to send me a PM or contact me on AIM.