Square Enix president resigns amongst financial woes

So EA’s CEO John Riccitiello was not the only executive recently to take a fall for a publishers financial losses.

I also feel this may be related

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Goddamn, whos ready for gaming to hit the niche again? when 5 million is a failure, the industry is a failure.

Need the industry to collapse and return to 0 so we can start over and hopefully not fuck it up this time.

The fuck?

Tameem Antonaidas would kill his whole family to move 3.4million units of DmC.

Fuck is wrong with Squeenix? They sound like Capcom right now.

Fuckin suits.

This is boss though^

Funny they say the Eidos games under performed, when FFXIII-2 bombed, they have to re-launch FFXIV to remind everyone that it exists, and Versus XIII is trying to beat Duke Nukem Forever’s record. I really hope they aren’t trying to place blame on stinky gaijin games for ruining their business (especially since the whole Square Enix merger turned Squaresoft into basically a boring ass Final Fantasy factory)

Since new consoles are on their way to being released, but the company heads are still thinking with the same mentality [new consoles, same old bullshit], is it likely that we could be heading towards another great video game crash like the one in 1983?

This should’ve happened much sooner. Wada is responsible for everything that went wrong with Squaresoft, thus causing the merger.

Hopefully this is the start of SE’s recovery.

“Video games” (long as were talking everything including PC, mobile and indie) aren’t in danger of anything. But on the console side… Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are under-performing compared to earlier installments. I don’t know how anyone can  put a positive spin on that fact (including dorks who defend anti-consumer practices or make tired “you should be glad you’re eating a shit sandwich” arguments).

Who volunteers to be Tyler Durden in this?

Not it.

remember guys theres more to the world of video game producers than the few major studios. not really that much different than what the music industry is going through. dont you guys hate these shitty big corporations anyway?

Except for EA and maybe Activision, I really don’t go out of my way to wish that these companies go out of business

Quit remaking the same old shit and calling it FFXwhatever -2 or -3. Reinvent the classics if anything like Chrono Trigger or FF6.

What I’d like SE to do instead is shelve FF and do something else. I’d like to see its teams get free reign to do whatever, just as long as it’s not FF. I wonder what they’d come up with.

And give VP back to tri-Ace, or otherwise give them money for a new game in the series. It does no good sitting there unused.

An RPG with a new name with characters sporting a lot of zippers.

Not gonna happen. The industry won’t collapse unless people stop buying games (they won’t). The more likely scenario is publishers dying until all that’s left is an EA monopoly over AAA titles.

Honestly I just more worried they will stop using these IPs, and make the OLD ips more generic. It’s a shame since Sleeping Dogs, Hitman,etc aren’t bad games.

No, games are to engrained in society now. But, you are right about the mentality issue. I have been seeing a kind of intellectual crash of sorts for awhile, where Eastern and Western Ideologies are at a conflicting low point. I only say this because as somebody who has been playing since the 80’s, I feel like games were all Japanese, then Japan/American and now the majority of games have become heavily American and there is lack of balance because of it.

Japanese games are not keeping up, period. Even despite hardware limitations, I feel like the Japanese ideology of “perfection” is really holding back Japanese developers. That ideology basically kills itself, because instead of coming up with new and exciting games, instead we see the same games come out over and over and over again, (Megaman, RE, Final Fantasy) that while are better and better, are really the same game. Over the long term this actually turns these said games that are designed to be improvements, into different games themselves, defeating the said purpose and alienating people from what they want.

Then, the American industry is shooters, shooter, shooters, and more shooters. Really just the same problem the Japanese developers are in, but more so out of a lack of creativity imo.

Honestly, the best games out now are amazing, but I feel like these presidents stepping down just put this all in the spotlight. Whoever thought one day square or EA would be fucking up making their top franchises? Meanwhile, random iphone games that take not even 1% of the investment or development are having a huge impact on the industry, and Nintendo keeps raking the cash making a variety of mascot themed games.

I just don’t want this to stop them from letting Crystal Dynamics reboot Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver. Hennig will be free to write and CD has grown a TON artistically since they did Defiance. It’ll be like the jump Naughty Dog took from from Jak and Daxter to Uncharted 2.