Square Enix sued by SNK Playmore

*Interesting news today. According to a report by the MSN Sankei, Square Enix’s main office in Tokyo and related personnel were raided on August 5 by the Osaka district police due to a criminal lawsuit filed by SNK Playmore.

The claim alleges that SNK Playmore’s intellectual properties were being infringed by Square Enix’s publishing division in their popular arcade manga “High-score Girl”. Police officials will be looking through confiscated evidence and will be conducting interrogations to the editor as well as the author, Rensuke Oshikiri.

“High-score Girl” is a love comedy manga that takes place in Japan during the 1990s and features many scenes with fighting games which was the big trend at the time. SNK Playmore claims that the manga has over 100 cutscenes featuring characters from their games including KOF and Samurai Shodown. The end pages of the books have © printed with SNKPlaymore’s company name, making it look as though they were published under permission.

SNK Playmore realized the infringement when anime production for High-score Girl began in summer of 2013 and its production company contacted them for authorization on the use of their characters and music. The company filed suit this May.

A page of the manga




If any company deserves karma in the form of an infringement lawsuit, it’s squeenix.

one company that became shittier after a merger being sued by another company that became shittier after a merger

is this irony or just a coincidence

someone explain to me copyright laws in japan. cause they have a shit ton of hentai’s that would seemingly infringe on these laws and nothing ever happens to the creators. what am i missing?

SNK and SNK Playmore are technically different entities/companies. I’m guessing that Squeenix thought that since the former was technically dead, they could use the images without licensing them first.

Aw shit. Does that mean the manga publication might be interrupted and the anime adaptation won’t be out anytime soon?

It’s a downer as I really enjoy the manga and am looking forward for the anime, but TBH I kinda expected it. It was just a matter of time and there it is.

So does that mean SNK will come back now after this sue? They did it once before~

Heard about this manga…haven’t read because I have been too busy mastur…reading Prison School.

for some reason i always assumed japanese people didnt play mortal kombat

I didnt know Capcom merged :stuck_out_tongue:

So does this mean they’ll start putting out good games again?

I like how the SF cabinet has only 2 butt-tonz.
and a jlf balltop instead of a Happ comp.
so authentic lookin.

it sems authentic.
I wonder how people alternated between the light mid and heavy attacks?

The doujin market is somewhat of a grey area for the industry. The publishers and authors of the original works are willing to turn a blind eye so long as they keep it low key. Most pornographic doujin, and doujin in general, is sold at comiket, a bi annual comic market event.
-The vast majority of groups/circles don’t make/sell that many copies, and often barely break even in terms of profit, so it really wouldn’t be worth suing joe mangaka. Even out of the few, really popular groups, few of them get any kind of deals to get their works in stores.
-Many prominent mangaka got their starts at comiket and would go on to be big earners for the industry, so to stifle what could be “the next big thing” could hurt the industry. And authors who got their start making derivative works would be reluctant to go after those who parody them.
-The comiket events were built around a spirit of openness and equality to give people a chance to publicize their works without going through “big manga”. This meant people could publish what they want, now matter how shocking, offensive or perverted. Ironically, derivative and parody works of “big manga” became far more popular than original material. The laissez-faire spirit remains.

Basically, as long as they don’t make too much money, they don’t care.

There were no mid attacks, just light and heavy. Tap the button for light, hold for heavy. In order to use special moves, you would input the command and pray.

I’m pretty sure they have their own fair use under parody rights. I normally don’t read parody hentai, but the ones I’ve seen never use the actual logo or put a copyright of the property as if they got permission to use it. Moreover, its s parody of the series in the first place. Whereas high school girl isn’t parodying the SNK properties. They just straight up put them in the manga, logo, characters and all. If they were smart they would’ve them like “Queen of Fighters”, or “Samurai Rumble” or something like that.

Or you know. They could’ve just gotten permission.

Considering the older games are unfriendly to a standard 6 button layout, you would be right. Ed Boon over here thinking a block button in a fighting game was a good idea.

“But the block button gives players a single-frame advantage!” -Ed Boon

The advantage that comes from the LP -->HP trap. Do it in the corner, ad infinitum.

All characters share the same normals? It’s abnormal why they would allocate 4 attack buttons. Just do it VF style: guard, punch, kick. Back + Kick = standing roundhouse; downback + kick = sweep. Ingenious, just solved shitty game design.

If that’s the case, then will Netherrealm Studios and Capcom fallow suit…

*Waiting for someone to post, “I see what you did there.”

So funny Square published this series. You know, the company who C&D’s everyone and their mom for even looking like a SE game. Sad and pathetic that they want to commit the crime they’re against.

Oh wait tho, this is their statement and leading by example!

Square Enix: “But really, this is exactly why we chase down and C&D our fans! Because what we did without shame just might happen to one of you! Look, we just did it to you bitch! What you gonna do? C&D us! DO IT!!”

Square Enix C&D to the best fan game i’ve ever seen

I hope the mangaka can publish their work elsewhere because I actually enjoy the series. But SquareEnix can burn in hell for all I care.

Two months later, Square-Enix counter-charges and wins against SNK-Playmore after proving they stole Squeenix’s patented “dudes that looks like female retro-supermodels” art style when designing Ash Crimson.