Square gate execution question


I’ve owned a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 for about a month now and I’m having a hard time doing the QCF QCF motion from the Left hand side of the screen (1st player) on the square. I can pull of the move no problem on the right hand side (2nd player) but it just seems so unnatural to me on the 1st player side. Any tips or tricks anybody would like to share on executing the motion. Trust me I’ve practiced a few hours in training mode and still can’t pull of the move unless I do the motion real slow.


I had the same problem, just don’t ride the gate. Its a simple flick of the wrist movement. Also, wait like a split second when hitting the punch button to do a fireball.


Practice more. If you can do the motion slowly, just start speeding it up bit by bit until your muscle memory is developed. There is no real secret; you just have to practice.


Thanks for the Replies

But I’m still having a hard time. Maybe it’s the way I’m holding the joystick but the motion just doesn’t seem natural to me. I can qcf fine, but that qcf qcf motion just doesn’t click for me.


i’ve had the same problem too…from the 1p side doing the double qcf is always harder than the 2p side, must be old school arcade syndrome of always putting my quarter up on the 2p side.


I have the exact same problem and I agree with the comments that it’s about muscle memory…you just gotta keep practicing, there’s no magic bullet for it. I did switch from to an octagonal gate which helped me a little bit.



If you already practiced a lot you just need to practice some more. :slight_smile: Do it with input mode enabled in training mode so you can see what you’re doing wrong. Just guessing that you’re playing SFIV.

FYI, you can shortcut the first QCF in SFIV; input it as D, DF, then do the full 2nd QCF. With a square gate you can basically ride the bottom of the square for the first input, then do a fireball, if you find that easier.


Youre gonna get used to it…practice practice practice


I have this same problem and I don’t ever think I will get used to it. I can do one QCF just fine but trying to do two is a bit harder for me. I just do the motion really fast continuously and have PPP or Triple K to Turbo so it will just come out.


there should be a forum rule… if you are using turbo for any reason in a fighting game you should be banned.

it’s scrubby to say the least.

if you can do one qcf motion, doing two should not be a problem.

just need to practice more. and as stated above, DO NOT ride the edges on a square gate.

keep practicing the motion. it will come out consistently in due time.


Try practicing in the training mode and turn on the input indicator.

see which motion your leaving out.

do the motions real slow, and keep watching the indicator.

speed up gradually.



I had the exact same problem when I first got my HRAP3. With enough practice, you’ll start getting used to it.


i have a madcatz SE. i thoroughly hated the square gate in the beginning. i missed almost every single quarter circle (and i play fei long alot, omg it sucked.) and yes i grew up in american arcades and i like to ride the gate, but eventually i got it down. it took around a 1-2 weeks to get used to it. before i play online now, i go into training mode and make sure i have the motions down. so i’m sorta at a love/hate thing with the square gate atm. it definitely helps with supers/ultras with guile.


It’s all in the wrist! :wow:


For all of the people using the SE stick with a square gate,
Setting the stick to DPad made fireball easy.


What difference does the Dpad setting make? I thought there wasn’t any kind of difference.


I just got the same problem with my Sanwa JLF with the square gate (i like it more than the octogonal gate :s) but after a hard practice (15 minutes a day during 2 weeks) i finally getting most of the times the qcfx2 motion on the 1P side… btw i dont have sf4 (yet)… so what game do you recommend to see my input motions?? (i’m getting troubles trying to execute Guile’s supers on most of the games where he appears :s)



The SE Gate sucks but the JLF’s are nice and smooth. If you are doing the qcfx2 be sure to set the stick back to neutral at the end of the second qcf. That has helped me a lot.


Buy an octagonal gate, square gate I don’t like only to me useful for street fighter 4 because of difficult combos which require shortcuts other than that most fighting games don’t need it in my opinion I am to use to playing without square gates.


The LS setting adds a bit of lag to movement. Set it to LS and have a character walk forward or backward, then go back to neutral. You’ll noticed they still walk forward for a a bit before they actually stop. On the DP setting, this isn’t a problem.