Square gate help


I have troubles with execution on the square gate, mainly on the P2 side.

Any guides or tips?


Practice, mostly. Do you find yourself riding the gate a lot? That can hurt more than it does on octo gates.


No. I can do a QCFx2 motion perfectly when im on P1 side, but no matter how much I practice on P2 side its like trying to write with my left hand.


Its interesting because I’m left handed and I’m having no problems doing QCFx2 motion perfectly when im on P2 side but I struggle with it on P1 side!


i don’t know how you hold the stick, but put your thumb a bit more into it. pulling the stick should end up being easier than pushing it IMO


I put up a post like this the other day.

I say its okay (AT FIRST LEARNING) to ride the gate with charge chars, but when doing QCFs and circular motions, you should keep them closer to the center and as concise as possible.


Use the girp of doom. Palm down, fist grabbing the stick. And get used to making the motions small. It’ll tune your wrist to the motion. And people get scared of teh grip of doom.


Wow, that’s actually really interesting o.o I wonder if that’s common.

But yeah, just practice practice practice. Do it 100 times in training mode and you’ll start to feel a little more confident about it.


Pretty much this, but don’t just do it once in a while, do it like 3 or 4 times a week. Daily if you’re dedicated enough.


I didn’t even learn how to do QCF the right way apparently. On p2 side I dont even do anything but move my fingers…I kinda push the ball down and slide my fingers across it(gross) then let it go to neutral,and its tapping the very bottom and very left side of the gate. I can pull this off insanely fast with 100% accuracy. I can’t do it on p1 side…I have to move my entire wrist which doesn’t work so well. Its so frustrating…half of my gameplan is to make sure I’m on the p2 side. Thank god for air tatsus.




I bought an arcade stick a week ago and I don’t have much more advice than what has already been said (practice practice practice). But I do think that riding the gate isn’t a yes or no decision. When I do my DPs I like to ride the gate on that like no other. I’m sure pro players don’t do this and I’m probably making it harder for me to combo into by riding the gate, but at the end of the day I’m able to get my shoukens out. So I think riding the gate is more of a preference than a setback. My advice is try to find a way that works for you. As long as it doesn’t hinder your ability to perform combos, I say go for it.