Can someone tell me the positives and negatives of switching from a 4 to an 8 way gate on my joystick. I only play ssf4 and was wondering if there were advantages . I mainly play quarter circle characters


JOe MIggs aka CT VALLE

I personally prefer a square gate for charge characters and an octo gate for quarter characters. For some reason I have a harder time hitting diagonals with an octo gate. I miss blanka’s ultra 2 50% of the time with an octo but can hit it perfect every time with a square. Now the octo for fireball users and Zangief rocks socks imho…

Depends on the stick. Some sticks dont hit both microswtiches with an octo gate, meaning it has to be at a precise position, to get diagonals to come out, same goes for blocking low.

I’m very new to this stuff, have a question. If I have a Tekken 6 Hori stick, which “gate” do I have? I’m going to assume octo?

You have your definitions mixed up. Both Square and Octagon gates are 8-way (in other words, able to read 8 directions). A 4-way gate only allows for up, down, left and right with no diagonals.

That said, I grew up on square gates on Japanese candy cabs so you know where my preference lies.

I got my first stick yesterday it’s a TE round2 square gate and I love it all characters are pretty easy to use I don’t know y people have so many problems and run out n change gates

Some people played games in America, you know, in arcades, BEFORE SFIV came out…and used circle gates…? I don’t know, I’m just guessing…

i personally cant stand octo gates. i use all types of characters including charge and qc motion characters and i have the hardest time getting moves to come out on octo. i tried to get used to it but as previously stated its about preference and what works for you.

I think Hori Tekken 6 is square gate. You can check by holding the stick as far to the right as it will go, and seeing if you can move it all the way to up/right and down/right from there without moving it to the left at all.

i dont know i am probly just weird but when i got my octo it messed up my qcf and improved my charge characters. but i like it for both more now. i just like the feel of each corner and diagonal as it clicks along.

If you’re a dedicated gate rider more than likely the octagonal gate will perform better for you. The main issue that people have with square gate usage that causes problems is that they like to ride the gate so they get stuck in the corners and end up not finishing their motions because they end up stopping at a corner when they’re attempting QCF or QCB motions. Octagonal allows you to ride the gate for these motions without issue.

As d3v said, both square and octo gates are 8-way. 4-way would be for games more akin to pacman. Regardless, it really all depends. I like an octogate, but I was the opposite of d3v, I played on the round gates of Happ sticks growing up, and the JLF doesn’t have a round gate (aside from home mods and the one Toodles is in a prototype phase with). Square gates are going to be what you’re going to find in the authentic japanese cabs. And I find them easier whenever I have to use DPs (The corner catches way the hell better), but with some work, QCF is pretty easy, too. Really, you’re going to get a square gate stock, but it’s worth the extra $5 to try an octogate. This is really up to you.

i dont think its problems. as with all joysticks and people it is all preference

I’m entirely sure it’s been said already, but square gates are 8-way…

Are there any fighters that work especially well wit and octo-gate? How about Tekken?

Or just learn to not ride the gate. That makes your motion more efficient and your execution so much better, square or octo gate.