Square gate vs Octogonal gate




Use what you like.






  1. Best choice of gate for beginners
  2. Also the number one choice of tourney pros
  3. Octagonal and round gates is often a trap for those who can’t learn how to use a joystick correctly.
    If you are not careful you can wear out your joystick’s actuator really quick if you first haven’t learn how to use a stick in the first place.

Protip: Don’t think in circular movements with a stock square gate, conceptualize your joystick movements in L shapes, like how the knight moves in chess.


Also according to the moderators we aren’t supposed to have VS threads.
@d3v whats your ruling?


How to use an arcade stick, Darksakul style: [details=Spoiler]http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00CXEXNL4?pc_redir=1411971941&robot_redir=1 [/details]


sanwa octagonal gates are garbage.

seimitsu ones, on the other hand, are super good.

this is coming from someone that has used sanwa octagon for years.


I like penis gate


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