Square or Octagon?



Hey Guys,
I’m a new Fei player (Juri is now my secondary) and I’ve been having mad trouble getting my Rekkas (and yet I can do chicken wings and flame kicks just fine…) out cleanly. Now, I know its my execution, but I would like to know, which gate do you guys prefer using? Square, Octagon, or something different perhaps?


Square myself, only because I like to feel the corners. I’ve found on Octagon there is a slight grey area.

I also play other characters and with the shortcut system using a lot of diagonals it just makes more sense to me. If your having trouble with your inputs just finish your motions at up forward. It’ll ensure you hit all the points.


I would say just stick it out with square since its in like what, 99% of sticks out there. Just practice the motions a lot, and possibly look at changing your grip on the stick.


I’ve been grinding it, and I have started getting it right. Also, I tried to change my grip a million times, but I always go back to my confort zone, the 3 finger handle


i have used both but personally prefers square