Square or Octo Gate?

Just curious to Cody specific stick users if they use square or octo.

I was using Octo just 'cause, but am switching back because I have noticed since I switched to Octo I have been missing some diagonals and never had that problem with square.

i use octo-gate :coffee:
grew up on american arcades… most gates were either octo or some 360 & the square gates have never felt right to me. like playing bizarro street fighter
& while some will tell you its a no-no, i ride the gate throughout a lot of my inputs so i dont miss diagonals :sweat:

it’s a matter of personal preference, but I’d strongly recommend a square gate, if you start from scratch, because it’s simply the “most used” gate you’ll encounter. EVERY arcade cabinet [with the important games on :3] and every non-costumized TEs and most other Fight sticks have them in. if you ever go to a tourney, a arcade or just need to borrow a stick when you play somewhere without ur own - square gate is used. if you’re get stuck to octo, you simply can’t “switch” to square in an instant.

other reason would be that octo is more for 360 motions suitable. if you ever play a charger with it => it’s a pain in the ass.

i dont find charging a pain in the ass :razz:

but yeah i went through those ps3 tourney stick borrowing woes when all i had was my x360 stick. even w/a warmup its hard(near impossible lol) to get used to a square gate if youre an 8way user

arcade cabinets… where are those :shake:

edit: driving to the store just now reminded me the one true thing you must worry about if you use a sanwa gt-y… the pegs on the golden gate can break! i had it happen to me @ a ranbat once mid-match. a free spinning 8way gate is no way to play lol
now it hangs from my rearview mirror. geeky? yes do i keep spares now? yes

This is a hard one for me, I use and still use a Octo-gate and i’m doing fine. I can pull off everything fine except for the crouching DP motion (you know the DF, DB to DF) which I think the square gate excels at. But then I couldn’t be consistent with ultras and fireball motions with the square gate, so for me, both have their pros and cons.

Ive put the square back in and now Im missing even more inputs; including pressing up back instead of back a lot; ugh

Square here. I main Cody and have tried both.

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Square, but then again I like charge characters as well.

I had only the chance to test Square gates.
Arcade cabinets here on spain are all square, or bullshit with circle gates and a hard stick that are not meant to play anything right.

I have the HORI Tekken 6 bluetooth wireless stick. I don’t feel like buying any other stick because i assume that there won’t be so much of a difference beside the size (to play with the stick on my knees), and the wireless thing is really useful…
…but i’m worried that i might not be able to find replacements here in spain if i break a button, or the stick.

I would like to open my stick and change the gate to a 8 gate to test it, if i had the chance. I feel that 8 gate may be better for games without the input shortcuts sf4 has.

I did sanwa mod on the same stick last week and believe it or not, I play much better now(not missing FADC Utras anymore).

i use square gate mostly because its default and i couldnt care less bout octo. sure, octo is better for shoto and cody, but i rather learn shoto with square than charge with octo (nightmare!)

rounded gate people. its a perfect circled gate at www.lizardlick.com. you don’t have to worry about hitting any edges. really nice.