Square or Octo gates?

What gate is used in the cabs here in the states?

Any major advantages when using a octo gate? I grew up playing SF in the arcades here in the states and just purchased a custom stick from AIAB.
Just curious if I should order a spare octo gate.

Are they easy to swap out?

It’s all preference, if you want to try it out go ahead and order it.

a cab in the states will be square if it has japanese parts, or circle if it has american parts.

the only advantage to using an octo gate is if you are not used to a square or prefer the circle gate in american parts. it might be more intuitive for some? overall the “advantage” isnt really an advantage once your execution gets better.

very easy to swap out.

most arcade cabs use Happ parts i think correct me if im wrong,
its a real easy mod.

Japanese= Square

Its very easy to swap takes like 30 secs

I like square. Easier for catching diagonals like Guiles ultra/super

im really having a hard time with my TE. Just got it 2 days ago, pulling off combos that involve quarter circle motions is tough. I really need to practice a lot, never used an arcade stick before. I thgouht about getting an octo gate, but I said to myslef that I’ll get used to it eventually.

a gate literally takes minutes to swap out and it’s not very difficult to adjust to either one. i’ve been using my octo gate for about 5 months now but i still keep the square one in case i ever want to switch back.

they’re dirt cheap too

thanks for the info guys.

Since it sounds like you can switch the gate out pretty quick, I’ll add one to my order.

The problem I have with my sticks is not pulling off regular special moves but the supers Left To Right with Ryu’s and Ken’s motions. I can throw fireballs, do dragon punches and air kicks all day but as for Super’s I just can’t get them out consistently from Left To Right.

Yes, I still have the square gates.

Yes, I have practiced to death trying to get used to doing the motion from both sides but so far I’m only consistent Right To Left.

I’m getting an octogate with an order of replacement buttons for a Black HRAP 3 (regular edition, not SA – those are ALL GONE!) to see if the octogate helps out…

I might get more Octogates for all my other sticks if this one works out.

P.S. – After using Sanwa buttons, there’s no way I’m switching back to regular stock… Sanwa all the way from now on unless I want to install 24mm black buttons. In that case, Seimitsu all the way! :lovin:

I prefer square gates simply because you can feel more precisely what direction you are pushing the stick in and it’s also what I began with and what I got used to over the years. With an octo gate, it makes the stick smoother with an almost analogue feel to it.

Whatever you prefer…

im buying both gates… octo for shoto characters and square for charge… best of both worlds

it’s situational imo. For SF2t/HDR/SF4 I would go with square. For third strike I definitely prefer seimitsu with octagonal.

what do Sanwa Joysticks come with?

only squares use square gates… thats why I do, Respect!