Square vs. Oct for Cammy Players

Wanted to get some opinions from Cammy players on this, since I’m considering modding my T6 wireless stick. Do you guys prefer Square gates or Oct. gates? I’m fine with doing QCF motions but I have a hard time catching the diagonal up motion for TKCS/hooligans, so I’m wondering if getting an Octagonal gate would help. Or would it make it even harder?

I use square.

How long have you been playing?

Can’t deal with square. I went back to square for a bit, but couldn’t find my grips after getting used to my octagon gate. Octagon all the way for me.

square for me all the way… easy to find the edges to hooligan and to TKCS motion… i tried oct and couldnt adjust… and hated it…

personally i prefer square gate…

I can’t TKCS on anything but a square gate.

Square Gates…

I used to use round gates (American stick) and Octogates, but after a while, I realized that both the round and octogates were too slow, so I re-trained myself to use square gates and never looked back (I grew up on American sticks, so it was hella hard for me to use square gates at first, I couldn’t even do a fireball on square gates when I first started).

@ Kelter Skelter- SFIV? for about a year or more now I guess. Always played fighters tho (Since SF1, LOL), But i haven’t really been playing on arcade sticks till these couple months. I used to play in the arcades which i think were Oct gates, but since i’m still pretty fresh i might be able to get use to both. Tempted to buy an oct gate to just try it out. I guess i can always switch back if I don’t like it.

@Faux123 - When you say oct/round is slower how do you mean? do you have to ride the gate to play well on those? I lean the stick pretty heavy when I play, so I’m wondering if the Oct might be better for my playstyle. Or maybe i should just readjust the way I play to stay closer to the center so I’m faster with the moves?

Thanks for all the inputs btw.

The distance from neutral center to the edge of the gate. By nature, round and octo have longer travel from center to edge than square, so it is slower if you ride the edges. I used to ride the edges, but now I rarely touch the edges except for a few moves such as TKCS to confirm the movement.

I can TKCS on pad, but I need a square gate if I’m using my stick.

Just try both. It’s only a couple of dollars…then you’ll know. Personally I feel comfortable on both, and perform the same on both.

Octagon, but I’m too lazy to mod my stick so I’m just sticking with square until I like it.

Thanks guys. Just ordered the parts, lol. Will be trying it out.

Octagon all the way for me. Just a personal preference, but i hate how stiff square feels. Octagon for fireballs/shoryukens/tiger knees, octagon for 360s, and even octagon for charge moves(yes, including the “charge db” supers/ultras). Just feels right to me.

I use a square gate, tried a mate’s octo-gate once, hated it! Found the square very difficult at first but I just persevered (spelling?!?).

square all the way. i tried using octagon gates but i get lost when i tkcs and block haha.

I don’t know how anyone could use a fightstick for Cammy, I have to use a regular controller to use her.

yeah… maybe it’s because i bought a square gate first… but the one time i played on octo or 360 (idk which it was) at the davis arcades i felt like a retard because i couldn’t do even the most basic shit.

Hahahaha. Nice.

8 dollar HAPP and dont look back, pick the green one.

Square gate here. It took me awhile to get used to hooligans with the square gate after being a pad player but it’s harder for me to go back to the pad now that I’m used to square.