Square Vs Octigonal Gate


Hi Im a noob to the forums, and just gearing up in terms of my SF4 play for some tournament level action. I have been using the Madcatz MVC2 fight stick which features a square gate and I have been experiencing difficulty, executing Fireballs and the Ultras/supers as I am a shoto, not charge player. I love how easy it is to Shoryuken with the square gate but my trouble executing Fireballs / specials is killing me online. I just wanted to ask, Is it worth it to switch to a octagonal gate?


No restrictor gate is objectively better than the other, it all boils down to familiarity. Square gate is more than good enough for any motion, but so is octogonal. Experiment with different setups if you seriously think the gate is holding you back, but it’s most likely a practice issue, not a hardware one.

It took me a while to learn japanese sticks coming from bat tops (not even Happ, a generic-ass bat top brand they use here in South America), to a point I’d mess up stuff like dash-in, QCFx2, or just jumble my inputs period. And I have big-ass hands, so yes, at times I wondered if maybe the dinky jap stick was demanding something I couldn’t do, so I wondered about switching gates, getting a larger american-style stick, etc. etc… It was frustrating but it eventually worked itself out and now my execution is at the level it used to be, if not a bit better. So hang in there, bro


When I ordered the parts for my arcade stick, I bought both and found Square is easier with charge characters while Oct is better for all other characters


I bought a octo gate for half-circle characters. Havent complained yet.

If you’re anti-charge like me, go octo. Its based on preference.


When I first played on square gate i also had a hard time with fireballs, to the point i went to an octo gate. Yes i helped with fireballs but had troubles with combos that I was getting easier on a square gate. So i went back to square and havent looked back. I would suggest go into training room and do nothing but fireballs, practicre really makes perfect. Also on a square gate if you find yourself riding the walls of the gate so to speak while doing the fireball motion you are putting to much of a motion. Shorten the throw a bit. Best advice i got on here was, there are 4 microswitches in the stick up, down,left,right. Just remember all you have to do is just trigger the microswitches you dont have to go all the way to the edge. Good luck.


I use Ryu and own both a octo/square. I personally hate using octo-gate for SF4. I mainly use it while playing MvC2 because that game is more octo friendly. When using octo gate I can’t do Shory>FADC>Mesu properly plus I suck at blocking somehow on SF4 with octo.


Yes crouch blocking was another issue I had w/ octo gate.


To me the difference between octo and square gates is like the difference between red and blue buttons. I know several top players who have mistaken one for the other as well.


Neither gate is “better” for any particular character. Stop telling people that shit.

OP: I like square gates because I can mash the stick into the corner to ensure that uppercuts and 360s come out. However, the trick with fireball motions is to not ride the gate. Just imagine yourself drawing a quarter-circle with the stick. Keep practicing. You’ll get it eventually.

That said, go ahead and try out an octo. They’re only a couple bucks and they’re easy to to swap. You might like it better. Just keep in mind you aren’t suddenly going to get better at the game because you changed your gate.


I never hit the gate, not even to get diagonals. Don’t feel the need to move the lever all the way past engage, it’s slower that way


ls-32 is better than the jlf if you dont want to ride the gate.


Definitely. I have a LS-32 that I use for shmups, but overall I like the JLF better for fighters, the engage is farther off but the lever is “thinner” so individual inputs seem more accurate


I find the JLF to be smoother in TE’s. It seems like the TE was made to feel comfy for square gates. I normally use square gates, I don’t touch that octagonal shit. But on other branded sticks (hrap) or my own home-made sticks, it really strains my wrist to do SDM motions in Kof on a square gate.


Stick to the square gate. I used to be in the same boat as you, blaming the square gate on my lack of execution. After a week of living in training mode just throwing out specials, I got it down. I mess up from time to time but I am consistent enough.


seeing what you can do in mvc2 now i doubt you have too many probs haha. I know u used programmable controllers to cut out errors from extra movements but still.
and to all of you who helped the o.p.- thnx for the info for square gates. my analog sticks are square gate on my logitech pad that i use for ggpo.


Hmm? Pretty sure analog sticks don’t have gates


I don’t feel the difference between Square, Octo, and P360s…its a stick. If it works then its all good for me.


No gate technically, but the outside edges of the plastic framing it are square. Like the n64 was octo.


Wrong person bro :slight_smile:


Pretty much. The gate itself does little to change the feel of the stick. Want a big difference, swap the entire stick, not just the restrictor