Squaregate vs. Octogate

I’ve only used a stick for fighting games for a couple of weeks using a stock Hori T5 Anniversary with stock parts. I nodded it with all sanwa parts and also got myself an octogate to try it out and see how it feels.

Here’s the thing, fluid motions like Dragon punches, Half circles, etc are easier to pull off, but charging moves and going from block churching to diagonal forward jump are harder. I’m learning to play with Gouken and Zangief and now Gouken moves come easier but my Zangief is actually worst than before. Now i dont know if i should keep it with toe octogate or go back to squaregate.

I know the octogate has a difference in the distance the joystick has to move to hit the wall of the gate, but, do you get used to it, or is better to just go back to square?

God another one of these threads. Its all personal preference. I’ve been jumping between a square and octo and I have to say square seems to be working the best for me. You will get used to anything if you practice with it long enough. Saying that I had a few games today after taking a break for a week and I failed miserably.

You’ll find the discussion and some helpful links there.

I would really love to find the fucker that started all this octo propoganda bullshit. It is the absolute #1 noob question concerning sticks of all time. Seriously, there was like… what? 1 thread before sf4 that was about octo gates since I joined and now since sf4 got so popular everyone has to ask about one and theres such a huge demand… what gives? :looney:

I’ve only wanted an octogate after using one on a BlazBlue cabinet in London. Despite BlazBlue the cabinet was really old and had happ buttons. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not really because of some octo propoganda bullshit, it’s not just gates that people are creating useless threads for. This happens on all forums, for all topics, people join to make stupid threads instead of searching or reading stickies. It’s just worse on this forum because SF4 is so popular that it brought in so many new users. I spent so much time researching all this shit about sticks that the decision was clear cut for me. This forum has soooo much good information there’s almost no reason to start a new thread for a question anymore because it has probably been covered and the rest should be common sense.

Some examples:
Why do I suck with a stick?
Stick or pad?
TE or ***?
SE or ***?
Sanwa vs ***?
Where can I buy a TE/SE?
Where can I buy Sanwa parts?

It kills me too because I’m new to SRK but it has been an awesome resource for me, now it’s just getting flooded :frowning:

What kills me is having the really valuable threads get buried

^ ^ ^ Yes yes yes, this thread should help you out a lot.

Also from that thread:

Grats Genius.

lol everyone join date month - 2009… all other users just laugh and dont click these threads…I blame the search function disabled

Note everyone :rolleyes:

Its disabled?


No, clicking search will open a google box allowing you to search the forums with google:

or you can go to http://forums.shoryuken.com/search.php and wait 300 seconds between searches :slight_smile:

I’m a big fan of the no waiting google search option :slight_smile:

I have both and I prefer the square gate. I ordered an octogate out of curiosity and I didn’t like it compared to the square gate, felt way too loose.

Same. I started on a square, hated it, switched to an octagon, then hated that even more for the above reason. I ended up switching back to a square, and that’s what I’ve been using ever since. Sanwa JLFs were never designed for use with an octagon gate, and IMO they just don’t feel right, but obviously it’s all personal preference, so just use whatever you feel more comfortable with or can do motions on more easily. Just be sure to give both a fair shot.

Piggybacking on this, I wanted to add: it’s strongly believed that using the GT-Y octagonal gate will dramatically shorten the lifespan of your microswitches.

I suggest Heaven’s Gate for the OP.

I’m repainting the stick and will switch back to a square gate. I’m not that noob to SF but to sticks I am. I decided to switch from pad because my left hand and thumb were killing me after playing fighting games for a while.
Sorry for posting something noobish but things have changed from the times I played SF2 on snes and wanted to hear fresh opinions on this subject.