Squats moneymatch: Airthrow vs Fishjie

So yeah Jieyang Hu, I didn’t forget you talking shit at evo, and I am willing to put up however much money you want up to $500 for 4 reps up to 400lbs (I haven’t lifted weights in years). Let me know your conditions. :tup:

Ill take that bet if he dosent.

If only I never pinched the nerve in my shoulder 2 years ago… I’d be on “haha FUCKING GODLIKE” status right now.

take two people of equivalent weight and muscle mass, and the shorter person will usually squat more. This is because the taller person has to lift the same weight higher, doing more work.

What can I say, it pays not being a giant.

I’d still win, no matter what hobbit you would but against me in the NW.

Fishjie loses. Free. My left nut can squat more than he can.

Jie would just employ a brothel to help lift the bar.

I would ask my buddy Austin if he still lifts to take that challenge, but I haven’t talked to him since high school. He was doing power lifting and body building since he was 16. I’m not saying he’d win, he’s just damn strong.

I am not money matching him that I can do more than him, he doesn’t think I can do it AT ALL, which is weird because he’s seen me squat more but forgot about it.

I’ll have aztec pushup battles with anyone ? Bet it O and ne nigs wanna hoop , first to 21.

^I’m up for a push up battle

LOL, ill take that hoop bet!

I used to Squat like 535 back in highschool. Too bad I busted my spine a couple years back. I would love to do this. For fun even. Not money.

And yea. If I was shorter squatting would be a lot easier I think. My legs are too long.

should have posted this thread in gd so fishjie would actually read it mb?

^ I should have named it “Recommend me a way to pay for sex” in ANY forum and he’d be more likely to show up.

My only advice is don’t mcgangbang match keith.

After hearing his story about chicken nugget matching two fatass Texans I have decided never to try to out-eat Keith.

You ended up taking a lot of meat in your mouth that night.

It’s actually fairly easy to out-eat really fat people. They lack the mental fortitude to see anything through. They’ll accept any challenge so as to prove to themselves that they’re not failures in life, only to quit and sit on the sidelines as soon as the degree of difficulty ramps up. Which is why they’re fat. For the second year in a row, All Texans who expressed interest in flying up and staying at my place for NW Majors have bowed out. Shouldn’t have been surprised, considering they’re from a state that consistently places 3-6 entries on the list of ten fattest cities in America.*

I love how competitive eating champions are all hella skinny. It just proves that fat people aren’t good at anything.

My goal in life is to one day have a corner office. To sweep up.

*The guy I crushed in the McNugget feast that Blake mentioned above actually told me that the scene in “Supersize Me” where they showed the fattest cities in America was the first time he’d actually seen Arlington (where I lived in DFW) displayed on a map in a movie.

Keith do you want to come over? I just realized you haven’t seen my new place yet. I can get Pabloz to bring Dat Marvelz.