Squeeky noise from stick

when ever i go in the right direct it makes some squeaky noise? i’m just making a guess here but does it possibly need to be lubricated some how?

oh yeah its a sanwa jlf


What type of squeak i sit? A metal to metal squeak, or a kinda like a friction noise squeak? either way, it could just use lubrication.

like a metal to metal squeak. what type of lube do i use? any type like WD-40?

The lube I use is actual Sanwa lube, “ShinEtsu Silicone Grease” is your best option, you can purchase this from Per’s site.

If you cannot get that, you could try going to your local hardware store and getting something called “Panef”-White Lithium Grease. Its a multi-purpose lubricant made for gears, hinges, things such as that. It is a good substitute but not something I’d continually use over and over. Getting the silicon based lubricant grease is the best choice. but if you can’t. go for the lithium grease.

Hope this helps

Do not use WD-40. It’s corrosive and will eat away at the plastic insides of the stick.

flip the restrictor plate 90 degrees, thats what stopped mine.

silicone grease on the microswitch

where do u put the grease exactly?
i put it all over the metal parts.,. the microswitch etc… and its still squeaking in the same direction !!! :frowning:

Sorry for reviving a dying thread, but I just purchased a SFIV TE and whenever I move the stick to the left, it makes a squeaking sound (sounds like a bird chirping). I’ve tried moving it like crazy and basically abusing it, but I can’t make it go away permanently (only able to make it go away temporarily). I haven’t voided the warranty, so I’m thinking about returning it… If I told a company that the stick was squeaky, do you think they’d let me return it as defective?

I have this problem as well I’ve just been ignoring it. Will it be a problem in the future?

You have to grease the white pivot. Its sits around the shaft and rests in the black piece. If anyone wants some Shin-etsu grease hit up my thread in the trading outlet 8 bucks for 5 grams , shipped.

Is it really that important? Its annoying but it doesn’t affect my inputs. I’d rather not void my warranty.

lol you sound like a drug dealer

Greasing the white area under the washer which I think is what your supposed to do will not void your warranty.

On the other hand opening your stick and removing the “trap” gunky areas will void your warranty.

call them, mention it. see if you can have them add a note to your info…

Both my Sanwa’s squeaked for a while. One stopped after some use and I used some silicon lubricant on the other. The squeak is caused by the red plastic on the microswitches rubbing on the black plastic of the switch shell, and as it’s used the debris or rough edge that causes the squeaks gets worn down.

my squeak was coming from the friction between the pieces that contacted the metal washer. i put some teflon lube there and white pivot piece and it was squeak free.

I just went the ghetto route and put some vegetable oil on a Q-tip and rubbed it on the “Pivot” hahah =P