Squeeky Sanwa JLF and Stuck buttons - MadCatz SE

OK. First time poster, long time reader.

I recently bought a SFIV SE stick for about $25 at Gamestop. I got rid of the old joystick and put in a new JLF stick with an Octo-gate. But I’ve noticed that it has been “squeeking” when I press down or left. Is this normal? looking at it with the bottom of the unit off, it just sounds/looks like the microswitches. Other than the squeeking, it’s fine. I’m just one of those OCD types who likes their stuff to be pristine. I can ignore it if I know it’s not harming the joystick or the microswitches.

I haven’t done the buttons on the stick just yet, but I noticed something on mine that made me order 8 new buttons from LizardLick. Two of my buttons are able to become “stuck” on the sides of the base. I have noticed that I do hit the buttons a little “high” when I play (I dont’ hit them dead center. I tend to hit them more on the top side of where they are). I ordered some new Sanwa buttons to replace them and the rest of the buttons as well (Always intended to do this just hasened the process of getting them). I’m just worried that this will happen to the Sanwa’s as well. I know the MadCatz knock off stuff is crap, but I just worry that in less than a few months I’ll have to spend another $5 each to replace busted buttons.

I can take a picture of what has happened as well as my hand position to see if this needs to be fixed, I can adjust my play style if necessary if I’m gonna be replacing my buttons repeatedly.