Squigly, Big Band and Robo Fortune apreciation thread


Personally, I don’t care who wins the vote because I’ve already decided I’m going to play Squigly and Robo Fortune.

This thread is dedicated to the three characters everybody seems to be ignoring because everything is focused on the vote.

Squigly is already looking pretty cool with those long range normals, screen shifting and stance cancels. Also she’s the 3rd character in the game to have a standing overhead, which is cool.

Can’t wait to see what the team is going to do with Big Band.


Motherfucker don’t lie to me. You know you’re gonna try the fan vote characters. Especially because everybody is going to vote for Eliza. But enough of that.

I decided awhile ago I would make team NecroFilia happen (Squigly/Filia) because dat ass too fat


I can’t wait to see how they implement big band, they must have something really interesting up their sleeves to not want to put him up for vote.

Double fortune teams ftw