Squigly Character Forum?

I recently got the Skullgirls beta for PC for the prepurchase and I’ve been having a lot of fun with the game, and I was wondering if Squigly is in the console versions or is she not out yet? I didn’t see a subforum for her so I assumed that perhaps she isn’t released yet.

Squigly wont be on console version until after full retail PC release is made available. Not sure if it will be a synchronous thing for all 3 platforms or not. but it most likely wont be.

There also isnt a sub-forum for her here, because we(SG fanbase) hardly use SRK anymore. We NORMALLY use our own forum site called SkullHeart but it is down atm.

I see, thanks for clearing that up, ima check out Skullhearts once it’s back online I guess