It shipped today! Here’s pics of my baby:

I can’t wait! It’s gonna be ST action in Seattle!


/napoleon dynamite.

where did you score that sweet cabinet?

that’s pretty sweet.

fap fap fap

how much did you pay for her?

I ordered them from


$1200 + 300 shipping, so about $1500 total.

The atomis wave cabs look hot but I don’t play guilty gear so didn’t really see a reason to. I’m so excited about this I’m considering getting a 2nd one so that I can have head to head ST cabs japanese style.

So, when can I move in?

Atomiswave is dead anyways. The only Guilty Gear on it was Isuka anyways, that doesn’t really even count.


Thats fuckin savage! lol!

So it looks like it’s arriving Tuesday. I still can’t find any ST boards on ebay or any vendors that have it, so for now I will just have CotA and MSH. If I can borrow an ST board from someone, is anyone interested in an ST gathering on this cab before the 15th? I can only host a limited number of people, just want to gauge interest.

there are other fighters on Atomiswave one could obtain

Nate, I’ll pay for your ST entry again if you can get me a copy of KOF XI in addition to the copy of HNK from last time. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

If you want to have a gathering, I could bring my ST board. (well, it’s actually 2X, Zangief auto-dizzy headbutt!)

Finding an ST board seems difficult these days, you just have to check ebay all the time.
You could also try making a thread in the trading outlet, that’s how I got a hold of mine.

Deezo - done. when do you wanna pick em up?

If you get the ST board yes, sit down cabs are awesome.

Cool, good to know Umbrella! We’ll set something up for late next week then.

What’s a 2x board? I’ve never heard of that. Is that the japanese version (SSF2X as opposed to SSF2T?)

yeah, it’s just the Japanese version :slight_smile:

what kind of sticks are in the cab? square Sanwa probably?

I get off of work at 8:30 on Friday night is it cool if I get it on the way back home? It should take me 20-30 minutes to get back to Redmond from work.

Lucky YOU!!! :clap:

My baby arrived today! It’s real purdy. Tonight I will wire it up and see if it runs.

I finally got a freaking ST board on ebay, hopefully it will arrive within a week!

Fuck! Tell me when you have people over.