Squishin' Mushis: M. Bison Slow-Mo Hitbox Video



Heya buncha Dictators! I just put the finishing touches on your character’s Hit box video. I hope it helps, and please enjoy!
There are other characters in the same playlist, so if you are having trouble with a certain character, see if they are in there! If they aren’t they will be.
Wanna jump to a specific move? Check the Description area right below the video for a directory complete with time stamps.



Great job man, thanks


Happy to help.


Bless your soul!


YEESSS!!! Well, that takes care of some of my sins… think you could post that a few thousand more times? Every day? For the next 80ish years?
I kid! Please don’t do that.
Real talk: Glad you enjoyed the video. :wink:


EX Inferno should be called The Purple House.


Yep. He needs to patch the hole in the roof though.
The first thing I thought when I saw that thing was “Wow, he’s got Geese’s Raging Storm!”


Damn the music was awesome. Tracklist?


It’s at the bottom of the description area. If you click to expand that area (beneath the video when watched from youtube) and scroll past the move directory all the songs are listed in the order they are played. Thanks for watching!


It’s every Dictator theme ever, the exact list in order is in the video description. And on that derailing note I didn’t remember his arranged song from X-men vs, it’s likely my favourite rendition of that song ever. And wtf were those EX songs?!


I’m actually missing his theme from Capcom vs SNK, which I realized post-release. Oh well.
I also wanted to get the Gameboy version of his theme in there, but ya gotta pull the plug somewhere or these videos will never come out.

lol I know what you mean. One of them straight up sounds like a Megaman song for a second.


What tool was used? I kind of wanna play with this turned on lol


It’s made by the fine folks at Frame Trapped.


god I hate the hurtboxes on his scissor kicks and devil reverse

they should bring back his ST/CVS2 slide