[SR$2k Dev Thread] I'll set up an SRK successor board if you guys need one


Wow. This has been a rollercoaster week for me personally. I started a new job recently and damn sure to drop some cash to support however SRK can be saved. Much respect to everyone for coming up with solutions, positive input and alternatives. The response was overwhelming and I personally got emotional about it not gonna lie. Mad props to @bchan009 senpai for tremendous effort despite busy schedule and real life responsibilities.

Although I have heard that @Cisco single-handedly saved SRK but what do I know… :Con


Thanks for the support guys! I’ll keep on developing this just in case. =3


Most of the people here hate vanilla.


The thing is that the switch was made to Vanilla years ago - the software has matured since then and SRK isn’t even using the latest version.

I’m currently using Vanilla so people don’t have to learn something else/know what to reasonably expect. It’s a powerful piece of software that’s used by a lot of big companies, so it’s not like it’s not capable of running a moderately sized community like this one.


Honestly, this made me think there might be a market for a discord / forum hybrid software kinda like discourse / discord. Like if you could embed discord with optional paging inside a website.

Essentially allow similar discords to be linked together and potentially still have some way of being found via google search engine so you don’t have the private invite problem of discord. Maybe even do a discourse / plush forum model where you pay based on concurrent users. Behind the scenes you have a partitioning scheme where bigger forums get dedicated or multiple machines, but small forums get packed together on 1 machine.

Offer a twitch embed option where you can watch with twitch chat or a custom community.

Think i might try this, I’ve been messing with a lot of SignalR recently and think that might be a fun project.


So the current SRK owners will continue running it because people who were actually passionate about keeping SRK alive figured out a way to cut their hosting costs, so now they’ll proably start making money off SRK again.
bchan009 and others definitely deserve something for their efforts.


Day 4

All of my companions are dead. Those not wiped out in the attack by the local savages were taken by wolves in the night. I can still hear their screams every time I close my eyes. There is no more food. There is no more water. I fear I do not have long for this world. In this darkness I struggle to persevere, doing nothing but coding copious amounts of CSS in hopes that this will make a difference. The reputation and reaction systems are wonky on this version of Vanilla. I opted for this voting system instead and devoted too many of my precious hours making it pretty. Let this overly-compressed JPEG be my last will and testament. Please tell my family I loved them.

I think I need a break.


Theme switcher is working! Now taking requests for color schemes / your favorite fighting game stages.


Jazzy nyc


Krauser’s stage from Fatal Fury Special.


@NoJohns This one, right?


That’s the one!


I’ll do my best to fulfill the request. Nobody seems to have ripped it yet which means I may end up having to do it myself. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to it in the near future.

Edit: Nvm. I found it. <3


Theming system is fully functional and looking good! You can try it out for yourself @ http://srk2.com !

I’ll focus on styling the text/site colors for each theme now.


Alpha 2 grass, or if the lightning et all is too annoying to screencap a still from moving parts

Alpha 2 Ken Birthday boat


Volcanic Rim, Vanilla SF4 version. Extra red.


damn, looks hype! terrific work and looking forward to further development.


So are you wanting people to register now?

Also, people like animated avatars, so I’m curious… have you experimented with getting those to work? Reason I ask is because I’m using XenForo on the new Higher Voltage forums and, from what I’ve researched, I have to set Imagick as the default image processor in the forum settings in order to have animated avatars. However, Imagick is not installed on my server. Do you know if that’s something I could install myself or does the web host have to offer it? It looks a bit different from things I’ve learned to install so far.

Animated avatars on forums are such an old feature at this point… you’d think they would just be an option by default :confused:



No, I’m not currently accepting registration since there’s still stuff under development. The theme switcher is usable by anyone visiting though, so no need to log in to try.

Animated avatars are already working on my site – if you go there and open up a thread you’ll see them moving in all their glory. =)

Modern forum software usually doesn’t allow you to have animated avatars because the forum software will generally create thumbnails based on the file you upload. These thumbnails are usually resized and won’t include animation as a result. I had to modify some stuff to get them to show up on Vanilla. The ‘modern’ line of thinking is also that animated avatars are tacky or distracting, so a lot of software doesn’t even support them / has them disabled by default.


Krauser’s stage looks fantastic! Love it!