[SR$2k Dev Thread] I'll set up an SRK successor board if you guys need one


Umm…don’t think that will ever happen, heh. If they were really invested in the forums they wouldn’t have been so quick to shut them down in the first place. Even the upcoming discourse migration is something they’re probably not all that invested in.


Yo. I signed up for the forum, but the confirmation email never arrives so I can’t do anything. Other than that I like it. :tup:



Oh no. I’ll get this sorted! Please let me know what account you signed up under.


You the man. :tup: It’s up and running. There’s also a small hint as to which one is mine.



The nice e-mail solution I bought last month is no longer working. Probably has to do with the host I’m using for the forum.

For now I’m just setting the forums to approval mode. When you sign up there is a field called ‘reason for joining’. Put in something that shows me you’re not a crazy Russian spambot and I’ll just approve you by hand.

Forum is still sending out e-mails (if you’re subbed to certain threads, etc.) but it’s using the old system. Check your spam filters if necessary.

Since we’re still small I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. If things start getting out of hand I’ll move us to a new hosting provider that will let me use external e-mail providers.


Moved to a new host. E-mail system should work properly again. Reaction counts on posts were reset as a result of the server move, but everything else should have transitioned over seamlessly.


Wanted to even out the number of light and dark themes, so here’s the latest one!

MvC really had some great art. <3



Pretty big code update today, but if I’ve done my job properly you guys shouldn’t really notice a difference.

Lots of tweaks to how themes handle different font sizes. It should be much easier for me to scale/change all the fonts on the site at once now. This is important for creating more advanced themes/tweaking the mobile layout.

As always, report any bugs you guys find!



Another BIG update today.

  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Improvements to help me create/maintain themes faster
  • Layout adjustments
    -** Mobile theme overhaul**

After weeks of dev and polish the site is getting to where I’d like it to be. Now if only SRK would make up its mind on when Discourse migration is happening… =P


Migration has begun.

srk2.com welcomes you! <3


Nice to know a solid back up is in place.


@bchan009 Any chance with the move to the other software we can get a new title like #survivor or refugee? Also keep up the great work loving the themes!


Sure – it’s certainly possible! I’ll look into it later.

The reactions/ranking system has a badge feature that I could use to give people ‘survivor/refugee/og’ badges. The only issue is that this system is kinda wonky so I’ll probably wait a bit before implementing it. I’m still looking into alternatives to the reaction system so we’ll see how things go down the road.


  • More theme tweaks and bug fixes
  • Ranking system tweaks

We’re almost at 50 users! =)


Still holding out for my KoF 97 Orochi Stage theme


Patience is a virtue. I gotta drip feed the new themes. Nobody wants someone who blows their load right away. <3


Well, when you put it that way… oh baby!



More theme fixes! I’m seriously running out of things to fix/upgrade at this point. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions.


Can’t edit the main post anymore so I’ll just have to post updates at the end.


The site is steadily growing, and by now we’ve passed the 50 member mark! :grin:

If you’re logged in, you can now access the public member list using the ‘members’ button in the upper right. Please note that this button is only available on the desktop site. If you’re on mobile, you can access the page by going here:


Hope everyone is enjoying the forums!


In the next few days we may be moving to INVISION COMMUNITY (Invision Power Board).

I have already purchased the software and am experimenting with it right now.

Some advantages:

  1. Reactions/ranks built-in. No need for plugins which break every upgrade.
  2. Share any post over social media
  3. Room to grow (user blogs, paid subscriptions, etc.)
  4. User profiles with more customization options

I’ve already tested importing from Vanilla and everything works. If I can make the site look how I want we will be moving over to the new software soon. Look out for more updates. =)

Edit: Gonna put this on hold for a little bit. Once things settle down I’ll revisit this.



Membership is rising! Welcome to all the new members!

I’ve also updated the emoji set the forum uses. This set is bigger:



Minor theme fixes. Avatar display size has been increased. Avatars are now scaled differently. If you have a rectangular avatar (horizontal), it will no longer be squashed vertically. If your avatar is rectangular (vertical), it will still be squashed down to size.

Obviously for best results use a square image. Hopefully these changes will make it easier to see everyone’s sick avatars. :smile: