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Damn, this chick looks BBAAADDDDD in all black. I like.


Fuck junkmail.

The longer you spend on this earth the more these vile fuckers find out about you to slowly erode your sanity with relentless spam.

I served in the Air Force for 4 years with an honorable discharge: I get mail from all kinds of military groups trying to get my membership. Go away Veteran’s of Foreign Wars.

I got a bachelor’s degree: Undergrad school wants donations and me to join their damn alumni club. Why the fuck would I donate to you when you put me into all this student loan debt? Stop acting like you did me a favor and you’re not running a business.

I got a master’s degree: Graduate school wants donations and me to join their damn alumni club. Why the fuck would I donate to you when you put me into all this student loan debt? Stop acting like you did me a favor and you’re not running a business.

I joined the American Psychological Association because my doctoral program requires it: I now have shitloads of scientific journals begging for my subscription.

I go to research and training conferences because I’m required to by my program: I get crap in the mail asking me to go to more, ignoring the fact their seminars and travel aren’t cheap and I’m a fucking student.

I taught an undergraduate Gen Psych class: I now have textbook companies sending me shit about their upcoming books hoping I’ll secure them thousands in sales by making their text required for my class.

It never ends.


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Rare picture of Dangerous Jihad:

-Peter SingH, AKA Dangerous Jihad. :bow:


This one’s for you , Pedoviejo…



My grandmother passed away just now… I don’t even know what to feel right now.

That woman raised me and my siblings. She sacrificed so much for us… Fuck everything right now.


// Black Jag made the best HAX parody post

/ Because ya boy had no eyebrow drake.

/ This dude gonna kill, the next MFER
// during dinner rush that try to go on break!!

( Shatta’s story of his woman bigger than he was by a lot def after emaciation on chemotherapy, body slamming him thru a glass table… Black Jag needs to contact his cool online dad Manx, stat, for primo strats )

When you’s Sikh, but’chu hood though. I see the beanieman.



Sorry to hear that man. When people die, there’s really not much to say. Nothing you can do to make them feel better. I just never like hearing about people losing someone. Shit blows.


My condolences, Po.

You’ll pull through it my dude. Stay strong.


My condolences man.


My deepest condolences to you Po. Nothing I say can take away your pain, but please know that I can empathize with losing someone who you loved and had a huge impact on your life.

If you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to lean on, please let me know.


My grandparents raised one of my cousins because her father was retarded (the legit medical kind). Pop died a couple of yeads back and it broke her completely for a while.

Stay strong, Po.


That’s a keeper

Damb, u didn’t know Mexicans bad that level of tech. I mean, wouldn’t baby wipes be more efficient?


Best answer to income equality I have ever heard. This dude needs to go viral. Damn I wish I knew about him when I was 18.

Oh and sorry for your loss Po.


Okay, my niggas. I rarely call on your expertise. But let’s say I’m pretty sure I’ve got an in on the goddamn hottest black chick ever, how do I as the whitest dude in the history of honkies approach the situation?

Because the black chicks I’ve fucked are kind of white fan girls or black chicks with a white fetish, but this is a legitimate regular chick who happens to be black in a country where the Nazi party have been advancing at a steady pace.


Stay strong, man.



@“po pimpus” My deepest sympathy man.


Sorry for your grandmother’s passing , Po.
I will keep her in my prayers…


The best way to fix wealth inequality, and perhaps the easiest, is to have actual goddamn interest rates not controlled by the federal reserve. It’s not much of a recovery if we’ve had sub-1% interest rates for almost 10 years. Actually, large swathes of Europe as well as Japan have negative interest rates. That’s right, you have to pay the bank extra (above just your maintenance fees) for the privelage of lending them money.

If we had real interest rates, people could actually do this thing called save their money, rather than being basically forced into the stock market (to get return) and getting eaten alive every 8 or so years.

But frankly, so many things need to happen besides this. But all this probably belongs in the finance thread, so I’ll settle for just the above.


My grandfather passed a week ago too man. It was tough to see my grandmother sad like that. But hearing his obituary made me appreciate life a whole lot more and made me realize that death is inevitable, but if I live making my family and friends have a good life then it will have all been worth it. Try not to be too distraught by her passing, she did what she could to give you a good life.

Its time for you to do the same with others,