SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?


Kageyama-san the GOD


You’ve come a long way, Rhinox



I am sorry J, I am but Beast Wars is the one of the few parts of Transformers that I have no love for
The other is the laughably bad Kiss Players series


Hears brother’s chatting on that absurd “survival” shooter game few feet away

me: it’s U EM PEE not “ump”!

bro: i dont care leon


such a shame the Television thread has been barely hanging on to relevance for the past year or so… it’s basically the Hell’s Kitchen discussion thread and has been for quite some time…with 2 or 3 participants. :sad:

Well, another Ancient Aliens marathon comes to a close… I still watch even though I’ve seen most of the episodes already.


Just a heads up that mIRC is most likely in the SNK Heroine Fighters. He was always shitting on every fgs only to stan for a loli one because if ‘gameplay mechanics’.


Join the SRK discord Million. You’re the one missing piece. The Unicorn to Pertho’s ark


@million you turd join my discord and my discord only. Fuck these other bustas

I want half my chat log to be this nigga talking to himself about modracers and what model he would like to sniff.

Edit: also @Matriarch probably make you and million mods XD

Make million admin and give him special rights to rename everyone to something poop related


we did it guys
we whined our way into saving SRK
good job everyone



Please don’t insult my gossips…


Anybody want some laundry detergent pizza?!



Ask a Japanese person to say…

Barack Obama

and then

Black Obama.



@angelpalm get your mans


I would disagree with that lost but Fishjie’s name doesnt deserve that.


“Rise Up” was still the best reaction button.


You don’t talk to him

you just kick him out the house

Like they want to be treated like animals.


Feel like this would make more sense as a Crucades post.


I bet animal suiters are the one breed of anything crucades actually likes. & Why he hasn’t said a peep about this terrorizing so far.


I thought you were leaving for the umpteenth time?