SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?


Tisha Campbell looks worn the fuck out.

You can do better.


Tichina Arnold was always the better looking of the two. Niggas were just sprung on Tisha Campbell because she was light skinned.



I can bump to this shit.


And you wonder why your approval rating is so low. You’re one off-color joke away from catching hate crime.


That toppo/freeza trash reference LOOOOOL


He has a new girl? I thought that guy was undateable.

I did see one video where he was getting bodied by someone spamming sumo splash online and the chick in it was clearly rolling her eyes at him.


Wait so you were sprung on the mom and not the daughter growing up?!

Although there’s a lot of truth to that, as a lover of darker-skinned women, I still have to say I found Tisha more attractive at that time. Tichina had the better booty body overall, but Tisha was cuter. I guarantee had Tisha been casted as Pam and Tichina had been Gina, the show’s dynamic wouldn’t have worked purely on that fact, racialization excluded.

Not gonna lie though, Pam’s assets were hard to miss back then:

This is bringing me back to when there were heated debates at my barbershop over who was hotter- Kelly Rowland or Beyonce. It was the barbershop version of Goku vs Superman. Sometimes it’d take me 3 hours to get my hair cut because of all the jibba jabba. lol


I remember hearing a rumor that the reason Martin ended was because of Tisha’s husband. Something about he was jealous of their relationship since Martin was there way before they got married. They were saying he was also jealous of the show because he was getting work like that during that time. I was suprised to hear about the Carl Payne -Martin beef. I first heard about it thru this interview Carl did…


Manx takes a look at Black actors dying onscreen…


Everyone loved Gina, but Pam was always the one that I wanted to put my face in. That woman was bad af back in the day.


tisha had a phat ass. mmmm


Sounds credible.




Happy valentines everyone! Who wants dick pics?


The perfect Valentine’s Day song!


Some kid probably got turned down for Valentine’s Day

Update: Was a former student


Can’t wait for Black Panther on Saturday… I’m gonna be like this during the closing credits.