SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?


Someone remind me to unban him in like a week or two.


I don’t think anybody will do that.


How are Epidemic and Cyn still in jail? They been in there so long they are about to get married to one another.


@“po pimpus” My condolence man.

Life-tip: do not get jailed in Philippine.


I always find that funny: if there are 3,800 inmates in that jail it’s because you can fit 3,800 there, not only 800. So it’s a non-problem for me.

Like a brazilian politician once said:

“If you don’t want to suffer there it’s easy: just don’t steal, murder or rape people.”

Or something like that…


Seeing how Epidemic boasts about his Excalibur strokes, he probably defeated Cyn in a sword fight.


sincerest condolences to @po pimpus for your loss.

lol at this stocky ass-clown, even HAX has the decency and common sense to turn off the sonic-juice when it matters.


Sorry for your loss Po.

Also…Who the fuck is Stockyjam? Like i never really understood who he was or where he came from. Showed up from out of nowhere
and acted like he’d been lounge-regular since 2009. Doesn’t matter now that he is banned tho.

If you read this somehow Stockyjam…You are a shit poster and you should go fack urself :pig:


I know how you feel. My granddad died last year, and even though he was sick for a while and we all saw it coming, it hurt like hell. Condolences man. You’ll find the strength to get through.

And some advice for Stocky during the ban - I’ll say it again: looking at the girls you post here, I can only assume the girls you fuck in real life look like they have Pokemon waiting in their pussies to jump out. If you’re eating one out and hear “HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!”, just duck.


My condolences Po.


The release of new SF games keeps getting this fucking shitstains posting here.


What I want to know is how did that dude get a cell phone into a prison?

You know he died. He dropped at least three stories.


Lol. Even in prison dudes be posting to Worldstar and shit.


Sorry for your loss Po.


@Raz0r Someone smuggled that phone in the jail in their ass. Also…



That level of dandy would probably let you get on him.


Str vs Dex.


The worst part is the stupidity has gone so far that we have slowed down on “raz0r sucks dick for cocaine” jokes

Because racist bigots, self hating asexual black people, and idiots in ché shirts have bolstered the dumbfuckery

Trying to turn this place into r/ronald and redpill has ruined the perception of this place as a place full of people bein dicks to each other in a fun way and more to racists morons posting dumb racist shit


This slander!


We are seriously just finding out that cellphones are snuck into prisons?