SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?


What I want to know is how did that dude get a cell phone into a prison?

You know he died. He dropped at least three stories.


Lol. Even in prison dudes be posting to Worldstar and shit.


Sorry for your loss Po.


@Raz0r Someone smuggled that phone in the jail in their ass. Also…



That level of dandy would probably let you get on him.


Str vs Dex.


The worst part is the stupidity has gone so far that we have slowed down on “raz0r sucks dick for cocaine” jokes

Because racist bigots, self hating asexual black people, and idiots in ché shirts have bolstered the dumbfuckery

Trying to turn this place into r/ronald and redpill has ruined the perception of this place as a place full of people bein dicks to each other in a fun way and more to racists morons posting dumb racist shit


This slander!


We are seriously just finding out that cellphones are snuck into prisons?


Happy 40th Birthday , Star Wars!

White boys love you as much as mayonnaise and COD!


@StarvinMarvin yo defend the overcrowding because these are all self surrenders who registered as drug users who surrendered because they don’t want to be murdered

And zumba is the only anti-drug program

Then we got all those american, european, and australians there fucking children and opening brothels

Yeah why are there so many white pedophiles in these 3rd world countries?


So GD has a new rule.

Named it the Ronin Chaos clause. Much coffee will be drank.


@“po pimpus” sorry for your loss man


We’re all shit people with the exception of Reticently. I don’t think he wants to repost Tweets just for him to read.


I’m missing something: is it named the Ronin Chaos clause because that’s something Ronin did once upon a time (and he himself got banned), or because banning people for that is something he would do? As much as I hang around SRK, I don’t get too involved in drama.


Because the Pimp Hand needed to be made great again. Very, very few people are going out of their way to be shit. They fall under the RC clause.


I ate a poptart and a hot pocket for breakfast

I drank it with almond milk

Should i have chosen a monster or rock star?


Sound like your bowels are about to open up wider the the gates of Heaven to the holiest of the holy.


Sorry for your loss @“po pimpus” . My grandma helped raise me, too and she’s in her nineties now and slowing down. Be happy for the time you got to spend with her, man.


Neither. You should have gone with full throttle.