SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?


Sorry for your loss @“po pimpus” . My grandma helped raise me, too and she’s in her nineties now and slowing down. Be happy for the time you got to spend with her, man.


Neither. You should have gone with full throttle.


GLory to MankinD


You should probably choose to go to the hospital


Sorry to hear that @po pimpus

Condolences man.


Anything but almond milk, shit tastes like disappointment.


Please don’t unban StockyJam.

Condolences, Po. My g’ma is 93 and it’s definitely starting to show. She wants to go back to Haiti to live out the rest of her days. Shit is tough, man. Stay up, bro.


Where can I read the fine print on this new Ronin Chaos clause?

Po sorry to hear about your grandmother. I feel you bro, my grandfather passed earlier this year. It’s never easy. Stay strong.


What sort of mockery is this? Who posts 2B but no shot of her apple bottom? Goddamn rookies.


Designated Survivor is utter garbage. Maggie Q hasn’t taken anything off yet and am 9 episodes in, Neo Big Boss is the fucking president who’s just admitted to raising some other dudes kid and the 2 CoS are office fucking.

Need game of thrones badly it’s a lean year for tv.


Thinking about going back to college this January to become a Network Admin. Does it matter if you get your degree online in the IT field?


@“po pimpus” Sorry to hear of your loss, my man. Carry on her legacy of remembering things being better than they are today.

Also, as a parting gift, her passing was instrumental in ridding this place of stocky. Which is kind of awesome.


Say no to fake boobies too.


If I can rub my dick on it. It’s real.

That’s my stance and I’m sticking to it!


@po pimpus: sorry to hear about your Grandmother man. My Condolences.



Even if she has a dick?


He all about crossing swords


With Sonichabeeb even calling Neesa a man–

The poor (emphasis on poor) man is so confused.



Sonichabeeb bromo = “The Pregnant Man”


Drew Barrymore = a post E.T. Nanny

> Look at user post.
> Scrolling past…
> Characters in sig.

Predicated on anticipating Tae-Bo.


@“Tekno Virus” leveling up your game apparently.
there is hope for this otaku yet.