SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?


What’s good. Just hitting the first page.
In honor of the title, I’m posting this that I just found (NSFW; I may be late):


If it violates rules, let me know.


Awwwww yeah! I had to get in here and post in one of these here cheeks on this here big booty first page! :rofl:

@Pertho where da feets luv at doe?



This thread:


You’ve come a long way, First Aid (bc this is the FIRST page lol)



Nizhoni Cooley, the greatness from the previous Sunday Bunday
The booty workouts begin at 6:43


is her hair bacon?


Shit looks more like laffy taffy than her booty does. :coffee:


That’s not how this thread works.

You are an irrelevant SFVer2016er on every page


They didn’t do one.
Of fake feets…? Manx getting catfished by fake feets. :worried:
Come on son, denounce white Jesus.

It aint the rise of edward butthole smell feets :cow:



so they gonna omit a major muscle group of women like that

the one connecting their thunder thighs to the ground?

50 years on 20~ but grannies are younger and younger from Shaft’s supa evidence, they messed that line up.

But our man Shatta’s brand lives on when chicks want that install.


but what abt her puci doe :coffee:




Fucked up a quote as I can’t seem to use the coding fml


Fuck me, I like seeing this girl in tights


yum yum yum, 11/10 would eat


Sup new Lounge.

What quantifies as a “fake” booty?


Pads or implants or pants that produce artificial shape.

Creations of lies.


Anything posted by a puerto rican ironically


Nizhoni would get the pounce-attack + maybe a salad-toss…also has one of the sexiest set of DSLs I’ve ever seen…definitely keeping tabs on this one. :sweat:


Joe Rogan on eating ass.


I get off of work and see the other lounge closed. What did Stocky do this time?