SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?




Fucked up a quote as I can’t seem to use the coding fml


Fuck me, I like seeing this girl in tights


yum yum yum, 11/10 would eat


Sup new Lounge.

What quantifies as a “fake” booty?


Pads or implants or pants that produce artificial shape.

Creations of lies.


Anything posted by a puerto rican ironically


Nizhoni would get the pounce-attack + maybe a salad-toss…also has one of the sexiest set of DSLs I’ve ever seen…definitely keeping tabs on this one. :sweat:


Joe Rogan on eating ass.


I get off of work and see the other lounge closed. What did Stocky do this time?


A girl that eats ass is a girl gets a pass!



don’t forget: Calfturday is 100% organic leg meat. :cool:

i want that cover.

Money Mondays

tenant said the air conditioner won’t cool off. gotta send a guy to see what’s up with all that. bank account is cryin :sweat:. good thing she starts regular payments on the 1st.

Yung Crimeman Guitar Cover Metal Mondays

Bonus Yung Crimeman Vid


godamn look at Ashley Mova on today’s Movie Talk (Collider channel)



She has The Glasses™ on today… the girl is outright ridiculous. :open_mouth:

…but that’s just 1 example of the hotness on that channel. They have a substantial lineup of good ones.


So somebody like Bella Bellz



Pretty sure this is a first date ice breaker


Surprised no one posted about this yet


It was posted in the State of the World thread.

The terrorists done went too damn far now… they tried to take out my waifu Ariana Grande.


First page?

Always :cool:


If she has huge boobs and they don’t have any sag, its most likely fake\default/files/styles/ogimage_thumb/public/tora-tora/maxresdefault_18.jpg?itok=yprrrzXS

See here how the boobs drop naturally.


Ariana Grande?

The donut licker that looks like an overgrow 12 year old?