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Looking mad hype #MVCI


I’m so on the fence about MvCi. Feel like it is going to be another title I buy where I mess around in training mode for an afternoon to see what characters can do, and then never play the game again.

Kind of miss the old, old days when everybody was bad at MvC2 so you could get away with playing whatever you wanted without even having to understand what real bullshit was.


What about those women or men who one has been made aware of how the other feels. They say they rather just be friends. They both agree with this. But that person continues to gives signs that they may be attracted to you in that way? There are people who are like that. Maybe they’re just flirtatious for fun. But some folks really do try to keep people on a emotional leash.

Kinda hard for a person to just move on when the other person is being a manipulative bitch/asshole. Using their affection as a carrot on a stick. Now the typical friend zone yeah it ultimately falls on the person to just accept the situation for what it is and move on. But the situation Starhammer and I are talking about. That’s the cruel version of the friend zone, and it does exist.


White girl gets expelled and probably finishes high school in home schooling.
Black kid gets expelled and probably a couple months in juvie for aggravated assault.

Also for that strider combo you cant quickstand after touching the floor?


They don’t give signs. It was already laid out from the girl that nothing will happen. The guy friendzoning the girl will throw her dick in a dryspell. Because guys are guys. The girl friendzoning the guy makes it clear nothing will happen.

“You’re such a great guy! You will make a lucky girl so happy”

It sounds like you and starhammer come from a place of simping experience. Starhammer also laid it out that some chick accused him of harrassment when he thought he was being forward. And he has that view that sexual harrassment isn’t real.

Your ass also being sheepish because of how many women laugh you off.

And you get mad when your friends talk about getting toppy.

Nobody has sympathy for guys forcing themselves through a loop because they think “good deeds” lead to pussy. Nah, be nice to be nice. Don’t do shit with the underlying goal of fucking somebody who doesn’t want to fuck you. That is embarrasing and horrible.


Viper Got Tekno Policeman


Untechable OTGs are the stupidest concept and a total regression of fighting game mechanics. Combo windows a mile wide just to create fake hype with easy mode combos with 3 minute loops. All these newer versus game titles are like a flashy sports car with a hamster wheel engine under the hood.

Fuck Capcom


A good bitch slap would’ve been proper. But all that? He did too much. But then again, don’t let your mouth write checks your fist can’t cash. Guess she was banking on “Boys can’t hit girls” or something. Sorry sweetie, this is a new world where chivalry has been long dead. And you ladies killed it.


It’s not chivalry it is just people being raised shitty thinking violence is the answer and people thinking words won’t lead to shit

Dragon Fighter Z is doing everything right to create the hype. Waiting for arcsys sequel to be with jump characters. Goku, ichigo, naruto doing too much


I realize there is no way they can let what the boy did slide, but I have no sympathy for the girl in that vid.

Too bad we don’t live in a world where the girl gets expelled and the boy gets anger management counselling.


I mean… This has nothing to do with chivalry, but ok.


DBSquee got Fanfic Son Broku of Rocco Lee


Somebody talks shit and gets wrecked

It’s like white girl stuck in a bubble

The way i feel is shitty people throw hands and shitty people push other shitty people and catch hands


It’d be better just to give Strider to Platinum…or at the absolute least commission them for a game series with AAA budget.




Keep your garbage to yourself weeb.

Fuck I am so salty I didn’t get in the closed beta right now lol.

Almost as salty as some of these friendzoned, tiki torch **WEILDING ** fuccbois up in here.

Notice the usage of the crapcom spelling, as they only understand the language of losers.


you forgot the best one.

Ryu invented twerking


I’m always happy to infract people for metamoderating, if that’s your concern. Use the Flag :: Report or PM a mod if you’re troubled about something.

We got a new barcade in Seattle with MvC2 (Coindexters in Greenwood). Had a nice rotation going on last night. I’d forgot how much concave buttons suck, though. My mashing callouses are already on their way back. Time to figure out where my convex button stock is and drop some off for them to install.


How many damn Barcardes are there in the world? Just in my immediate area there are three.

We met the guy who runs the one in Williamsburg (he’s a friend of the woman I visited in New Orleans) and my friend had a long conversation about fixing the damn sticks so I can wave dash. I hope he fixes them because I wanna go whoop some ass.


i got at least 2 in boston and 2 in rhode island.


Poodypie has been racist since day one…why people are now surprised surprises me.