SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?


I realize there is no way they can let what the boy did slide, but I have no sympathy for the girl in that vid.

Too bad we don’t live in a world where the girl gets expelled and the boy gets anger management counselling.


I mean… This has nothing to do with chivalry, but ok.


DBSquee got Fanfic Son Broku of Rocco Lee


Somebody talks shit and gets wrecked

It’s like white girl stuck in a bubble

The way i feel is shitty people throw hands and shitty people push other shitty people and catch hands


It’d be better just to give Strider to Platinum…or at the absolute least commission them for a game series with AAA budget.




Keep your garbage to yourself weeb.

Fuck I am so salty I didn’t get in the closed beta right now lol.

Almost as salty as some of these friendzoned, tiki torch **WEILDING ** fuccbois up in here.

Notice the usage of the crapcom spelling, as they only understand the language of losers.


you forgot the best one.

Ryu invented twerking


I’m always happy to infract people for metamoderating, if that’s your concern. Use the Flag :: Report or PM a mod if you’re troubled about something.

We got a new barcade in Seattle with MvC2 (Coindexters in Greenwood). Had a nice rotation going on last night. I’d forgot how much concave buttons suck, though. My mashing callouses are already on their way back. Time to figure out where my convex button stock is and drop some off for them to install.


How many damn Barcardes are there in the world? Just in my immediate area there are three.

We met the guy who runs the one in Williamsburg (he’s a friend of the woman I visited in New Orleans) and my friend had a long conversation about fixing the damn sticks so I can wave dash. I hope he fixes them because I wanna go whoop some ass.


i got at least 2 in boston and 2 in rhode island.


Poodypie has been racist since day one…why people are now surprised surprises me.


I really want to see how this one ends in court, but I doubt we’ll get news of it. Bitch paid all that money for college, but ended up learning the lesson for free.



i’m not metamoderating. i’m following a rule you made a few pages back. Raz0r is breaking the rule, and i tried to get him to stop doing it so he wouldn’t be punished.


No I mean are you talking about we don’t have to be a simp just a regular friend to her


Typical terrorist rhetoric.

Next time just suicide bomb us so you can save the souls of all of us heathens terrorist scum. Not that you need to go to heaven to be surrounded by virgins since there are plenty on this site alone.


Update the ode to the “2 hit combo EVO” showcase, yes.

Mr Popo = The Caramel Adonis!

do the homey

no mai bropo, no buy bromo

There’s still time to add the most wanted character ever, Namco and Arcsys and whoever else. Its canon that he had teleport speed vs Kid Trunks bratty stupid ass!




White woman.
Drives a Cayenne.
Shot only a homeless person.

She won’t get shit.


I’m saying to just treat her the same as any of your other platonic friends. No specal privileges at all. I’d she ain’t into you then it’s her loss and just move on.